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The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails provides time-tested family recipes – as well as newer ones – from generations ago.

Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails

One outcome of the pandemic is that cocktail enthusiasts stepped up their home bartending skills when bars closed down, and this year saw several books designed to help readers navigate their cabinets more fully – with recipes and writing from longtime columnist Steve Reddicliffe being among them.

A classic cocktail book gets an update in this 2013 edition, reprinted from its 1917 original, which was considered “The World’s Most Important Recipe Book” by its publisher. A must-have for serious drink enthusiasts, this book includes punches, fizzes, and flips; its 1917 original remains an inspiration to modern mixologists today; not only are its drinks excellently crafted, but they provide an intriguing glimpse of history when alcohol consumption alongside food was fashionable; author William Schmidt even earned himself the moniker “The Only William,” possibly due to his impressive mustache and fierce gaze alone!

Tiki cocktails are notoriously complex drinks that call for exotic ingredients that are hard to obtain and may contain up to seven ingredients per recipe. Shannon Mustipher presents this easy-to-read guide as a means of finding more straightforward drinks that still bring all the flavor and panache associated with more complex cocktails; she includes many recipes for large-batch cocktails suitable for parties.

This beautifully designed book is organized into chapters by cocktail style and ingredient, making it easy to select your ideal serve. Each recipe includes beautiful photographs as well as helpful tips that remove any guesswork associated with home bartending. Beginning with essential topics such as building and blending cocktails, using ice, batching equipment, etc… before diving deeper into more involved recipes such as those found in Chapter 14 — “Riffing on the Manhattan,” which offers several creative takes such as using cacao nibs in addition to Scotch whisky for instance – this book should be an essential asset in every home bartending collection!

Essential New York Times Book of Wine

The New York Times Book of Wine is America’s newspaper of record’s ultimate guide to understanding and appreciating wine, winning the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. Packed with quizzes, spectacular maps of every region, stunning photos, and informative infographics that cover everything from how to hold tastings to understanding terroir, it makes the ideal present for anyone interested in wine!

This massive volume contains more than three decades of NY Times wine writing from Eric Asimov, Frank Prial, Florence Fabricant, and R. W. Apple Jr. It includes over 125 pieces written over this time by distinguished columnists such as Eric Asimov, Frank Prial, Florence Fabricant, and R. W. Apple Jr. Topics covered include terminology to help newcomers navigate their first wine-tasting experience; selecting wines for holiday celebrations (while remaining within budget); touring wineries across the world; dessert wines pairings with dinner courses as well as wine from Europe/South of the Border; restaurant experiences.

The collection provides valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of winemaking. As viticulture advances, its focus has shifted away from chemical farming that had such an allure for war-weary nations after World War II towards more precise expressions of terroir – something Times columnists addressed both academically and with common sense, making their collection accessible both to novices and connoisseurs alike.

This massive book won’t fit easily in your bag or nightstand, but it will undoubtedly make you envious of those with access to exceptional wines that you don’t have, who write about them professionally and have access to excellent vintages that you don’t. I wish he had included more information on orange wines and natural wines since these tend to be the ones most people are drinking nowadays. However, space constraints prevented this from happening; nonetheless, it remains an excellent book on wine for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge base.

Essential New York Times Book of Beer

Mulligan says this comprehensive book by Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster and author of “The Oxford Companion to Beer,” Garrett Oliver, captures an unprecedented time when great beer was being made at an unprecedented rate. This book decodes traditional styles that have been around for centuries as well as newly emerging ones such as sour and barrel-aged beers; also addressed are various brewing techniques from those known to most consumers (decoction) to those only relevant for professional brewers (decoction). A must for beer enthusiasts!

Essential New York Times Book of Food

Ten years after first publishing The New York Times Cookbook, Amanda Hesser (of the celebrated cookbook series and Food 52 recipe website) presents this original compilation of recipes tried, tested, and enjoyed by readers of The Times Cookbook series and Food 52 recipe website. Devoted Times subscribers can look forward to old classics such as Purple Plum Torte by David Eyre’s Pancake or Pamela Sherrid’s Summer Pasta alongside fresh takes such as Fava Bean Salad or No-Knead Bread, all cooked by Hesser herself with helpful, informative headnotes explaining their creation or what makes them special about these dishes that makes them unique!

This updated edition is organized into chapters on drinks, hors d’oeuvres, soups, vegetables, pasta, fish and shellfish, chicken/pork/beef dishes from all heritages in America, as well as desserts/breads and treats. Hesser selected only his favorites from among the Times’ extensive archive of recipes, including those dating back to the 19th century! Hesser paid special heed to America’s proud diversity while compiling this selection of food!

The Essential New York Times Book of Food is a compilation of culinary history, recipe lore, and personal nostalgia all rolled into one comprehensive tome. Those who enjoy Craig Claiborne’s recipes, Times readers who grew up reading its cooking section,, and curious chefs looking to serve nineteenth-century raspberry granita at dinner parties will all find this book indispensable. At once a gift and treasure trove, The New York Times Cookbook: Hardbound Slipcase Edition is an invaluable addition to any reader who desires a well-stocked kitchen. Edited by Amanda Hesser, who spent hours combing through newspaper archives, soliciting favorite recipes from readers, cooking up dishes herself, and revising the book to reflect changing ingredients and cooking techniques, this edition stands as a testament to the power of newspaper journalism!