Best Commercial Lawyers in Philadelphia


No matter the size of your company or venture, a skilled commercial lawyer in Philadelphia is essential for safeguarding your legal rights. Let FindLaw help match you with the top legal professionals for all your Philadelphia legal requirements.

Experienced trial attorneys can significantly impact the outcome of any dispute. They possess strong client relationships, thought leadership, practical management abilities, and extensive expertise.

High-Stakes Litigation

When a company’s future depends on the outcome of litigation, it needs to know that an experienced commercial litigator is on its side. Philadelphia’s top commercial lawyers are adept at handling these high-stakes situations skillfully and precisely.

No matter the case, whether it involves public litigation, internal investigations, or complex government inquiries, they are highly adept at creating a plan that puts their clients in the best possible position to resolve their cases quickly and efficiently. They comprehend the financial repercussions of litigation and its potential effects on businesses, shareholders, employees, insurance carriers, and more.

The top commercial lawyers in Philadelphia possess extensive expertise with high-stakes litigation, such as white-collar crimes, class actions, and other complex disputes. They have an impressive record for achieving positive outcomes in trials and appellate proceedings; furthermore, they possess strong client relationships, thought leadership, and practical management abilities.

White-Collar Crime

White-collar crime is an umbrella term for any illegal activity involving a business or professional individual. This could include fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, money laundering, and other financial crimes.

Sociologist Edwin Sutherland coined this term in 1939 to encompass a range of crimes not typically associated with violence. These include public corruption, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, and even the Wall Street scandal of 2008.

Individuals perpetrate most criminal offenses, but some also occur on a corporate level. Examples include insider trading, bribery, and labor racketeering.

You need an aggressive advocate to fight for your rights and liberties when accused of a white-collar crime. Philadelphia’s top commercial lawyers understand the legal repercussions of these cases and will prioritize protecting your reputation and rights at every turn.

Securities Litigation

Securities litigation is a complex and demanding law area that necessitates an experienced lawyer’s expertise. It often involves high-stakes, sensitive matters that lead to parallel civil, regulatory, or even criminal actions or investigations.

The best commercial lawyers in Philadelphia can guide companies through this area of law. They specialize in helping clients resolve disputes quickly and with minimal disruption and representing them in federal or state court.

Class action lawsuits claiming stock fraud, violations of federal securities laws, or other misconduct can result in significant damage awards and negative publicity for companies and directors involved. Our attorneys are well known for protecting public companies and their directors from such claims.

We have a proven record of successfully dismissing or settling cases with minimal financial strain on clients. Furthermore, our expertise extends to shareholder derivative claims and breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits.

Class Actions

Class actions are legal proceedings involving multiple individuals injured by the same defendant. They may be brought against individuals, corporations, financial institutions, or even governments.

They provide numerous advantages to both plaintiffs and defendants alike. These include a higher probability of success and lower cost than litigating individual claims.

Class action lawsuits pose a significant threat to companies due to the increasing ease with which consumers and shareholders worldwide can sue corporations.

Best commercial lawyers in Philadelphia possess the expertise and know-how to handle these complex matters effectively. They maintain a close client relationship, are highly proficient in litigation and trial procedures, and strive to give their clients the best outcomes.