Best IT Companies in Sacramento


Sacramento boasts an exciting startup scene and a pool of tech talent that have combined to make the city an attractive destination for fledging startups and established tech firms.

The local tech sector has recently experienced unprecedented growth and is actively recruiting. If you’re searching for a job in Sacramento, here are some of the top IT companies to consider:

DVBE Technology Group

DVBE Technology Group is a Sacramento-based IT-managed services company. Their offerings range from cloud consulting & SI to IT staff augmentation, cybersecurity services and more.

DVBE Technology Group is a small team of dedicated professionals based in Sacramento.


SunstoneIT is an IT strategy consulting firm headquartered in Sacramento, California. Their experienced team specializes in IT strategy consulting, custom software development, cloud consulting & SI.

They have a team of fewer than ten employees and provide IT-managed services, cloud consulting & SI, cybersecurity solutions, and IT staff augmentation. Their clients include Sacramento, San Diego, Elk Grove and beyond.

Comodo Technology

Comodo Technology provides a range of products and services to businesses. Their solutions protect your company against malware and viruses, allow you to manage your server remotely, and much more.

They provide free backup software that can archive files to multiple locations. This program works on PCs, Macs, and Linux, including password protection and Zip compression for space savings.

John Brendle IT Consulting

Established in 2009, John Brendle IT Consulting is an IT-managed services company headquartered in Sacramento with a small team. Their offerings range from IT managed services, cloud consulting & SI, and cybersecurity.

They are renowned for their high-end audio-visual services, but you’ll need to inquire. Plus, their office has an equally stylish aesthetic. For more information, be sure to visit their website!


CounterTack provides endpoint detection and response solutions. These tools attempt to identify malicious activity in real-time, so it can be stopped before any harm is caused.

Waltham, MA-based CounterTack announced Monday the acquisition of ManTech Cyber Solutions International (Nasdaq: MANT), with about 40 employees in Sacramento. ManTech will become an invaluable resource as an equity investor and global distribution partner for CounterTack.

MGT Consulting Group

Established in 1974, MGT Consulting Group offers management consulting services to local, state, and federal government agencies and pre-K-12 and higher education systems. Additionally, they provide a variety of information technology solutions to their customers.

They are renowned for their superior customer service. This is integral to any successful business, especially in the IT consulting sector.

Leverage IT Consulting

Leverage IT Consulting offers a wide range of IT services and products to assist their clients in expanding their businesses. Their offerings include security solutions, network management, and more.

Their product, The Leverage Point, is a cloud-based solution that unifies B2B product, pricing and marketing teams around value by creating interactive digital Value Models. This makes them the more intelligent choice for businesses looking to save money and boost their bottom line.


Pragmint is a Sacramento-based IT strategy consulting firm. Their team specializes in IT strategy, custom software development, cloud consulting & SI services.

They have undertaken projects for clients such as a fitness company and BPO services provider. Their most recent endeavor involved revamping a client’s website to increase engagement levels, optimizing it and creating an action plan.

Total Secure Technology

Total Secure Technology provides a comprehensive selection of cybersecurity solutions and products. It collaborates with the industry’s premier vendors, providing certified professionals and cutting-edge security tools.

Total Secure Technology recently acquired Computer Technical Specialists, a Monterey/Salinas, California IT services provider. This acquisition grants the company an office in Monterey County and access to an expansive customer base and valuable employees.


Zenify, a Salesforce consulting firm, is helping legacy businesses embrace the digital age. Their team of former Hewlett-Packard employees utilizes Salesforce and other cloud technologies to enable companies in financial services, health care, and agriculture better connect with customers, applications, and people.

Manvir Sandhu, the co-founder of this Sacramento-based startup, credits the region’s talent pool from local universities for its rapid growth. “Our technology and engineering staff has grown significantly since we opened,” he states.