Boohoo Plus Size Review


There are many reasons to shop at Boohoo, but there are some differences between their plus-size clothing and ASOS’. Among them, sizing varies widely across products. Besides, their size guide doesn’t always reflect the actual sizes. This makes it difficult to know which sizes to choose for a particular item. Fortunately, they do offer a return policy. Read on to discover more.

Boohoo Plus Size vs. ASOS

When comparing Boohoo Plus Size v. ASOS, there are several important factors to consider. Both websites sell high-quality clothing at competitive prices. As a plus-size fashion retailer, Boohoo is a great choice for women seeking fashionable yet affordable clothes. Boohoo Plus Size offers fashionable plus-size basics as well as more expensive brands. You can even find plus-size dresses at reasonable prices.

Boohoo is a UK-based online fashion retailer aimed primarily at women and young adults aged 16-to-35. It specializes in own-brand fashion clothing, with over 36,000 items available. Products range from form-fitting bodysuits to casual dresses and go-to tops. Boohoo also offers footwear and accessories, as well as homeware and fashion-forward accessories. Originally based in London, Boohoo has since expanded internationally and opened offices in California and France. It claims that most of its products are manufactured in the UK.

As for the quality of their clothing, ASOS and Boohoo both feature high-quality designs. Boohoo is more affordable than ASOS, and both offer free shipping, but only within 28 days of delivery. The only downside to Boohoo is its high shipping costs. Depending on where you live, shipping costs may be higher. Moreover, ASOS and Boohoo aren’t the only online stores that ship internationally.

When comparing Boohoo Plus Size v. ASOS, you’ll be able to see which plus-size clothing and accessories are more affordable. Both websites offer US sizes 12-20, but you’ll have to consider your budget and the shape of your body to decide which one to choose. Boohoo Plus Size is a great choice if you are an oversized woman.

Sizing varies drastically across products.

Sizing at Boohoo is very inconsistent. The brand’s plus size range runs from 16 to 24, but not every style goes up to a size twenty. While this is disappointing, sizing is improving over the past five years, and most products fit true to size. If you are unsure of your size, be sure to read the size chart carefully before purchasing.


The boohoo website states that over 500 new garments are uploaded to the website each week. The company says its clothing will be available for sale within two weeks of its creation. This is far faster than the usual fashion industry’s two-three months. It is not sustainable to manufacture and sell such clothing, especially considering the speed of its creation. In addition, fast fashion brands often create and sell clothing that does not last more than a few months. Because of this rapid fashion cycle, these items are discarded annually, contributing to the problem of landfills. As the industry has become increasingly eco-conscious, these fast fashion companies are taking steps to become more sustainable.

The Boohoo website has recently been in the news for alleged slavery in its supply chain. It has been accused of paying workers below the minimum wage and not paying sick leave when workers test positive for Covid-19. The company also received accusations of modern slavery, including allegations that its directors received PS1 million in excessive pay. Despite apologetic claims, the Boohoo brand has a track record of being responsible for poor working conditions.

The company does not disclose the amount of greenhouse gas emissions it is responsible for during its clothing production. Furthermore, Boohoo’s website does not mention its Animal Welfare Policy. Boohoo also does not make any mention of how much it pays its employees to produce their clothing. In addition, it continues to use leather and other animal products and fails to trace its products to the first production line.

While the Boohoo Plus Size website can meet these standards, many other retailers still struggle. Some largest retailers, such as H&M, have yet to adopt sustainable practices. For example, H&M’s textile recycling program is ineffective enough to combat its environmental impact. It should also donate unsellable clothes to charity. While the Boohoo website is rapidly expanding, it is not helping the social and environmental spheres.

Return policy

The Boohoo Plus Size return policy is relatively straightforward. You can return your purchase within 14 days. The items will be inspected for quality. You will receive a refund for a replacement item if they are defective. Sometimes, the company may require you to wait an additional seven days for your refund to post. Boohoo is a leading online fast fashion retailer committed to paying its suppliers at least half of the national minimum wage.

You can return your order within 28 days of receiving it. Boohoo also offers free returns within the UK, so there’s no need to worry about shipping charges. Customers can also print their return labels at home and drop them off at their nearest post office. Be sure to return your items in perfect condition; popular items may sell quickly. Make sure to check the sizing chart before you buy anything.

Shipping is another big problem for online retailers. Customers have complained of late or missing delivery. The company claims to offer expedited shipping, but, in reality, this is only a day-to-day occurrence. However, their customer service representatives were very helpful and resolved my problem via WhatsApp. It takes up to four weeks to deliver items to Hawaii, so you’ll need to give them a little extra time to ship them to you.

It’s easy to get confused with Boohoo Plus Size return policies. You may be surprised that Boohoo has a more flexible return policy than other online retailers. Boohoo’s online store has a page dedicated to explaining its sizing. It allows shoppers to compare UK sizes with global sizes. This is particularly helpful if you’re unsure of the size of a particular product.