Car Bricks is For the Inner Auto Enthusiast


Car Bricks appeals to every auto enthusiast in us all – their supercars are magnificent, and each set becomes an iconic LEGO release.

FLINT, Mich. — There’s not much silence this morning as classic car engines rumble across downtown Flint for parking spots at the 19th annual Back to the Bricks festival.

How to Build

Building a car out of Lego(r) bricks can be exciting and challenging. To begin, decide the kind of car you wish to make before gathering all necessary parts: baseplate (whether purchased or assembled from scratch), wheels, motor, and battery pack for powering the motor. Finally, patience will also come in handy!

Once your baseplate is assembled, you can start adding other car components. Begin with wheel axles, which you can connect to either side of the baseplate using axle holes; add wheel rims from an online parts store or make yourself; and lastly, finish off by wrapping tires around each wheel to help it turn freely.

Once complete, select the vehicle file and press play to test your creation. While there is an excellent tutorial available to learn the basics of the editor, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with its controls before beginning to create your models. Left-clicking moves bricks while right-clicking deletes them; left-dragging the camera moves it right or left; clicking and dragging moves the camera around; selecting bricks can be rotated by clicking their colored rotation axis, which appears when selected; mirror selection by pressing M; snap into place by pressing Z; lastly holding shift while rotating moves the piece by small increments!


No custom color sets are required! To assemble this model, all you require is LEGO parts – even small car brick sets need some additional pieces such as rubber tires and windshield. Tools like brick separators, wrenches, and boxes may also be helpful.

This model employs several types of Lego bricks, plates, and hinges. Studless bricks are among the most frequently found pieces; other variants may feature angled, sloped or wedged shapes with either round holes (‘+’ holes) or solid or flexible tube connectors for connectivity.

Technic Connectors are a unique category used to join together the various elements of a Technic vehicle. Some overlap exists with other Brick categories, especially Technic Beams Special, and there’s even an entire category dedicated to Technic Steering Suspension and Engine parts that relate directly to car mechanics!

Rebrickable provides set inventories on their download page, while Bricklink provides complete lists with high-resolution images of parts needed to assemble a set. Bricklink may also prove particularly helpful in tracking down replacement parts lists that exceed what TLG provides on their current set site.


Instructions provide a high-quality, downloadable pdf with clear step by step guidance to assist in building your car bricks. It also includes a parts list specific to this model. Creating layers is like building a relaxing puzzle, while the Modify feature enables you to modify it according to your liking or even duplicates so you can tinker without permanently altering its original form. These models are intended as static display pieces, not toys for children under 14. Kits come complete with all required bricks and all instructions delivered right to your doorstep by our expert builders!


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