Citizens Of Humanity Jeans Review


The Citizens Of Humanity Rocket in Axel Black is an excellent pair of jeans, but I was curious about the other versions. In this Citizens Of Humanity Jeans Review, I’ll talk about whether or not these jeans are true to size, comfortable, and hold their shape. I tried on the Rocket in Axel Black to answer those questions, and they’re pretty close. In addition, these jeans are priced well for the comfort they offer.

True to size

Whether you want to dress up or down, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Citizens of Humanity Jeans. Made in Los Angeles, they maintain their shape better than cheaper denim, which can stretch and lose its shape over time. These jeans will save you from having to deal with a diaper butt. And they are machine washable. But be sure to dry them in the shade to avoid discoloration.

The Citizens of Humanity label is based in Los Angeles and is dedicated to creating the highest quality denim. Its signature denim style exudes feminine, natural, and sophisticated ease. Every pair is designed intentionally and manufactured with discerning partners, ensuring a superior product. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Citizens of Humanity Jeans, and you’ll be happy you did.

Keeps their shape

Although these jeans are not cheap, the quality of these denim jeans is excellent. They will hold their shape better than cheaper jeans, which stretch over time and can lead to embarrassing situations such as diaper butt. In addition, these jeans have been crafted from premium denim, meaning they will last for many years without fading. If you want to buy these jeans for yourself, here are some tips on taking care of them.

These slim-fit jeans feature a structured, high waist, which works well with shorter tops. The fabric used varies depending on the length and wash. They are super soft and have a nice stretch, and you can purchase them in petite and tall sizes. You can choose various colors and styles to match your style. For women, you can choose between skinny jeans and wide-leg jeans.

Shrinks some

If your Citizens Of Humanity jeans have started to shrink after several washes, you can use a few tips to make them look new again. First of all, you should avoid over-heating your jeans. If your jeans are cotton, you should avoid using hot water or a high-heating dryer. In addition, you should wash your jeans in cool water and tumble dry them on low heat to prevent them from shrinking. Alternatively, you can use the standard washing cycle and the hottest water setting. You can use your favorite detergent and fabric softener to wash your jeans.

Citizens of Humanity produces their jeans in-house, using high-tech machines and laser technology to minimize fabric waste. Each pair takes around four hours to make. Unlike many other brands, Citizens of Humanity denim jeans are not pre-washed, which can cause them to shrink and lose shape. Moreover, they require a lot of water to be used to make a single pair of jeans.

Another quality label of denim jeans is AGOLDE. This company has set the standard in advanced directional denim in Los Angeles. They invest in the future by re-creating classics and reinventing them with fresh interpretations. However, their jeans may not always be affordable for everyone. If you’re looking for a good pair of jeans, it’s worth the money to try these. If you’re unsure whether they’ll shrink, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

While the Citizens of Humanity jeans may run small, they are not a big deal when you buy them. Although they’re made from 100% cotton, the pants can be a little tricky to get on, but once you’ve got them on, you’ll be rewarded with a slim and streamlined silhouette. The founder of Citizens of Humanity Jeans, Jerome Dahan, is selling two homes in Los Angeles.


Citizens Of Humanity is a great place to start if you are shopping for a new pair of jeans. These high-quality jeans are available at a variety of retailers. You can order your new pair of jeans directly from the Citizens Of Humanity website, or you can find them at other high-end stores like Selfridges, Anthropologie, and Net-a-Porter. These jeans are also available at Anthropologie, but the price is slightly higher.

A pair of Citizens Of Humanity jeans are the perfect way to dress down any outfit. The denim is slim and structured, with a high waist that goes great with shorter tops. Citizens Of Humanity jeans are made from organic cotton and are available in straight and bootcut styles. You can also choose between petite and tall sizes. They’re perfect for anyone looking to feel great and look good. These jeans are also made in Turkey and Los Angeles.

Citizens Of Humanity has you covered if you’re looking for a pair of jeans that will look great and feel comfortable. Their jeans have a relaxed fit that is flattering to almost any figure, making them an excellent choice for work, school, or weekends. Their jeans are also environmentally friendly. They use organic cotton instead of water and don’t pollute the environment. And they have a wide variety of sizes and washes to choose from.

While many jeans can be uncomfortable and look tacky, Citizens Of Humanity jeans offer style, comfort, and a great look. When choosing your new pair of jeans, make sure they fit correctly to ensure they will last and be comfortable. You don’t want to be stuck wearing a belt or jeans that are too long or too short. It’s important to be sure your new Citizens Of Humanity jeans are the perfect fit.


You might wonder how to reduce the price of Citizens of Humanity jeans. The company sells its jeans for quite a high price, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them for less. Unlike some other denim brands, Citizens of Humanity uses only organic cotton and other natural materials in the manufacturing process. They also use recycled water systems and ozone wash machines. Getting your hands on a pair of these jeans is a real treat.

Founded in 2003, Citizens of Humanity is a premium denim label widely recognized for its high quality and fit. The brand was inspired by the film Armageddon and the idea of doing good in business. It combines social awareness with luxury denim to create a great product. The company’s new CEO, Amy Williams, has continued to build upon the brand’s heritage of making high-quality denim.