East Hartford Public Schools Calendar


The district recently approved a $300,000 contract with an Avon-based marketing firm to conduct an awareness campaign about Hartford schools that includes a magnet and open-choice options for families.

Volunteers began packing countless students’ backpacks with supplies on Monday and will continue until Thursday – helping thousands of children start the new school year off right!


East Hartford Public Schools is an educational district located in Connecticut that serves 6,297 students between Hartford and Capitol counties. Their board of education comprises nine members who are elected for four-year terms to govern policy, finances, and decisions about educational issues, as well as budgeting to ensure high-quality academics are in place. They also hire/fire teachers as needed, as well as set their tax rate and allocate funding. This page offers additional details on their members as well as background, elections, and endorsements of each.

A school holiday calendar provides a comprehensive listing of holidays occurring during the school year, such as federal, public, and regional celebrations, as well as key dates, such as graduations or commencements, allowing students and parents to better plan ahead for what may lie ahead in terms of attendance and planning for graduation or commencements ceremonies. This allows both parties to prepare accordingly.

East Hartford Public Schools Calendar 2518-2519 features non-student holidays such as teacher preparation days and service days to help teachers prepare for the coming school year and ensure student enthusiasm and engagement are at maximum. These non-student holidays help support teacher wellbeing while simultaneously inspiring student enthusiasm.

East Hartford public schools provide their students with various athletic programs that allow them to pursue their passions in an environment that encourages teamwork and positivity. From basketball, soccer, and track and field to swim team and fitness club programs, East Hartford’s sports programs provide invaluable opportunities for skill building, character formation, and community building.

Spring Break

Spring break in East Hartford Public Schools’ calendar provides students a much-needed respite from academic stress and is an opportunity for them to unwind with friends and family while refreshing themselves for another school year ahead. Teachers and staff also get some time for relaxation and rejuvenation during this period.

The East Hartford school district serves students from Hartford and Capitol counties, including East Hartford itself, with over 62,000 enrolled across 12 schools. Their board consists of nine members elected for four-year terms, and this page provides information regarding finances, election rules, academics, and policies, in addition to student activities such as dates for classes starting or closing down.

The 2150-2151 East Hartford Public School Holiday List can be immensely beneficial to students as they can plan for activities this year and make this school year memorable. This holiday list includes federal holidays, regional celebrations, and any events that are widely observed within their town.

Summer Break

At our school, athletic programs provide students with opportunities to develop physical skills while building teamwork and living a healthier lifestyle. They also encourage pride and community within our school environment as students work to strengthen character traits both on and off the playing field. Furthermore, the athletics department strives to ensure all children are treated equally and fairly at both venues.

Academic calendars are systems that mark vital dates, such as when tuition payments and financial aid applications must be submitted. They also often include class breaks, such as holidays and graduation ceremonies, as important landmarks that define day-to-day business at schools and universities.

East Hartford Public Schools is a school district located in Hartford and Capitol counties of Connecticut. Its board of education comprises nine members elected for four-year terms and serves an estimated 6,297 student body across several schools.

This page includes the 2022 East Hartford Public Schools Holiday Calendar for academic sessions. This calendar features non-student days such as teacher preparation days, teachers services days, and professional development days that help educators plan for work and activities; students also take full advantage of these dates with enthusiasm to prepare themselves for a productive year ahead.


East Hartford Public Schools’ sprinkler system is designed to adapt to any weather condition, from hot and humid summer days to rainy seasons and even snowfall. This flexibility is especially vital in areas with extreme summer heat conditions, which could cause water expansion, which damages pipes.

Heat has presented many parts of Connecticut with a difficult start to their school year. Heat delays at schools and businesses alike have caused long lines outside O’Connell Elementary School after classes started for day two of styles, and one mother told NBC Connecticut she ensures her daughter brings at least a bottle of water in her backpack every day.

This calendar is based on the 2022-2023 school calendar approved by the East Hartford Public Schools district; for any changes, please visit their official website.