Everlane Cocoon Coat Review


This Everlane Cocoon Coat is a vintage-inspired piece that screams 1940s Hollywood chic. The dropped shoulder and understated details give this coat a classic look. It’s versatile and works well over knitwear, too. This winter staple is made from 60% wool, which makes it a warm and versatile choice.

Made of 60% wool

The Everlane Cocoon Coat is a cosy winter coat with a voluminous shape and double-faced wool. Its dreamy lavender colour evokes 1960s-style coats worn by Grace Kelly. The double-faced wool lends a thick and luxurious feel to the skin.

Wool coats are hot and protective, and the higher the percentage of wool, the more expensive the skin. The Everlane Cocoon Coat has a 60 per cent wool fibre content yet is priced well below the norm for a designer coat. This is a prime coat, and I highly recommend it to any fashion-conscious woman.

Dropped shoulder

The Everlane Cocoon coat is an affordable yet luxurious wool coat. It is similar to the brand’s famous Belted Wool Shawl coat but has less structure and a cropped silhouette. This coat is boxier and more casual, making it ideal for layering over knitwear. This coat is easy to slip on and off and fits perfectly in size 00, with enough room in the arms for extra layers underneath.

The Cocoon coat is made from heavyweight fawn wool. It features a stand collar, oversized patch pockets, and a single-button closure. The hood is lined, and the body is unlined. The model is 5’8″ tall, has a 79-cm bust, and a 64-cm waist.

Uncompromising design

The Everlane Cocoon Coat has an understated, vintage-inspired design that screams 1940s Hollywood. Made with 60% wool fibre content, this coat is an affordable yet stylish option. Its dropped shoulder and classic design make it perfect for layering over knitwear.


The Everlane Cocoon Coat is a versatile piece of clothing. Its soft cocoon silhouette fits any body shape and gives you plenty of space to layer underneath. And the best part is that it’s surprisingly lightweight compared to many winter coats, so you can wear it with various outfits, no matter the season.

The Everlane Cocoon Coat is made of sustainable, recycled fabrics and has been a best-seller since its debut in 2011. It’s made from stadium-cloth wool and is as warm as down. It’s lined with eco-friendly PrimaLoft insulation made from 100% recycled content. Each coat contains enough recycled material to replace five plastic bottles. Another eco-friendly option is the Italian ReWool Overcoat, which uses recycled Italian wool and features a double-faced hood and clean finish. It’s made to last and feels premium.


The price of an Everlane Cocoon Coat varies, but the coat is often more affordable than you might think. Fees range from around $190 to more than $22,000. The company is known for its “radical transparency” when it comes to pricing, and its prices are broken down by materials, hardware, labour, taxes, shipping, and markup. Despite the price tag, these coats are durable and look great.

The Everlane Cocoon Coat is a lightweight option that fits well. It also comes in a heavier-duty design if you live in a frigid climate. Either way, a cocoon coat can make an impact on your outfit. You can find both lightweight and heavy-duty options at various fashion retailers. Whether you want to wear it during the day or dress it up for an evening out, the Cocoon Coat is a great choice.