Five Used Video Game Stores Near Me


Recent years have seen old video games appreciated due to nostalgia and some being considered works of art.

Online marketplaces are ideal for purchasing pre-owned video games and consoles, including retailers and private seller markets. Here, you’ll find a vast selection of pre-owned titles.

Brad’s Toys & Collectibles

Brad’s Toys and Collectibles is a family-owned store offering some of the lowest prices in Las Vegas and Henderson for toys, collectibles, comics, Funko Pops, and Funko Plush figures. Their vast selection includes comics from all genres. Plus, their staff is knowledgeable and helpful – always ready to assist in finding that special something!

Their massive toy selection features Funko bobblehead dolls that offer visitors an engaging and interactive experience. Additionally, they sell life-size cutout characters priced at $45, making a fantastic present idea for collectors of any age!

They are one of the only stores in the area to not restrict customers from acquiring rare soda chase pops, which makes it much easier for customers to secure those rare pieces. Furthermore, there are often new product releases – perfect for collectors – making this unique store well worth a trip!

Darkside Games

Darkside offers an exciting and frantic two-stick shooter experience. Set semispherical asteroids filled with enemies and objectives to blast away; its gameplay occurs across semispherical surfaces filled with enemies and goals to shoot. While this type of gameplay may not be revolutionary, Darkside manages to keep things fresh and enjoyable with an intuitive HUD that indicates your location along with that of enemies and objectives.

Darkside Detective manages meta-humor perfectly, using meta-jokes as the foundation of its hilarious writing and charming graphics to balance meta-commentary and conventional humor.

Grab your trench coat and sharpen your sixth sense as you join Detective Francis McQueen of Twin Lakes City’s criminally underfunded Darkside Division for an adventure into its darkness, where cultists, demons, and the occult are commonplace; his task is to investigate cases no one else wants to explore.

Zia Record Exchange

Zia Records and Books is your go-to spot for throwback music – CDs, records, movies, and games galore! Their friendly staff can find any album imaginable – Kinks compilations or unknown treasures you didn’t even know existed! Plus, hanging out and discussing music with fellow enthusiasts is excellent fun.

Zia Record Exchange employees make $28,126 annually and remain with the company for 2.6 years on average. Annual revenues at Zia are $1.2M, and some of Zia’s competitors include Amoeba Music, Vintage Stock, and Lakeshore Learning.

Zippia offers job seekers an in-depth view of companies like Zia Record Exchange, including salary data and political affiliations. This enables job seekers to make informed decisions when looking for work; all information comes directly from employees, applicants, or other reliable sources; their ranking methodology uses both public and proprietary sources in determining which companies provide an ideal environment – using factors like salary satisfaction and work-life balance as criteria for ranking them accordingly.

Game Source

Game Source, located in New York City, sells used gaming consoles and used games. Their selection features many hard-to-find titles in stock as well as new releases. Amazon North American Marketplace recognizes Game Source as a trustworthy business meeting their KYC requirements; for any questions about your order, you can contact them via their buyer-seller messaging service.

Game companies do not release the source code of their games as hackers can use this to develop undetectable cheats and viruses that launch from them. Furthermore, companies may run their compiled code through an obfuscator to make decompiling harder; these measures are known as “planned obsolescence” and serve to encourage consumers to purchase the latest system while making sure games produced are compatible with each generation of consoles – thus helping maximize profits while keeping customers interested in new products.

Game Stop

Its stores and ecommerce properties sell video game consoles, software, accessories, and pre-owned games from multiple generations, as well as new consoles and PC hardware from every era. Furthermore, the company also sells collectibles, apparel gadgets, and retail products that span both continents. Primarily within the US but internationally too.

Trade-in services are also provided, catering to both gamers and non-gamers alike. Stores of this company are usually found within shopping malls and retail centers. Their stores and ecommerce sites feature the latest games from major video game developers and popular classics that are widely loved among gamers.

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