Flaunt Your Fashion Review in Bratz


Make an impactful statement as one of your favorite Bratz girls – Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, or Sasha – and become a global fashion reporter! Chase the biggest style stories, complete missions to help out your new friends, and participate in mini-games that offer plenty of personality!

Travel to cities like Stilesville, Barcelona, and Seoul before attending the Stylin’ Soiree to conduct interviews with designers and complete fetch quests.

Bratz Pack

The Bratz dolls all share a passion for fashion! Four friends recently started their very own magazine called “Our Thing” but are being challenged by another rival called “Your Thing.” These four need your assistance expanding their brand, defeating Burdine Maxwell as editor-in-chief, and becoming well-known fashionistas!

Join Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and Jade as they embark on an epic quest to transform Bratz Magazine after it caught the attention of an iconic designer! Venture to glamorous cities such as Barcelona and Seoul as you participate in fun quests and minigames – with money earned to purchase stylish outfits and customize each Bratz girl with new hairstyles and makeup! Publish stories or attend events like Stylin’ Soiree to build up your magazine and gain followers.

Bratz Flaunt Your Fashion, launched in 2001, features four high school teens who all have distinct personalities, attitudes, and hobbies despite these distinctions – but regardless of these distinctions, they’re still good friends who always put forth their best effort when representing themselves at school activities or competing against one another in competitions or rivalries. They deal with everything that comes with being teenagers: boyfriends and cheerleading practice to rivalries between classes and the daily drama that can arise from school life!

Bratz girls love music just as much as fashion! They eagerly anticipate entering the school talent contest to show their musical abilities. Eitan, one of their closest friends who dreams of becoming a rockstar, even started his band with Bratz! Additionally, each Bratz pack member has their way of dealing with life’s unexpected twists and turns.

Bratz Flaunt Your Fashion video game features many recognizable faces from its franchise in addition to its leading characters, Roxxi and Nevra, from its classic line and newer ones like Roxxi and Nevra from its limited-edition collaboration with Jimmy Paul. Each doll comes equipped with a matching wardrobe.

Have a Fashion Adventure

Fashion is an art form and an outlet to express oneself through expression. Your look can range from classical elegance to edgy looks; just be sure that it remains versatile by stocking up on timeless staples that allow for endless outfit combinations – a monochromatic palette or vivid hued outfit, having the appropriate clothing will make all the difference in how it all turns out!

Discover the globe to become the most excellent fashion reporter ever. Play as Bratz characters Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha as you pursue fashion stories you care about in style: headlines like fashion week Stallings, missions designed to aid new friends, and scorchin’ mini-games with attitude! As you gather news for Bratz Magazine, your adventures will take you all over Barcelona, Seoul, and Stylin Soiree; as more people discover your passion for style, you will gain followers – your fans!

With just a few minor modifications, this latest entry in the Bratz franchise could become one of its better ones; unfortunately, its core flaws keep it from reaching that potential.

The primary issue lies with its fundamental gameplay. Given that Bratz games focus on fashion, it seems odd that dressing your character up with outfits from past titles is its most intriguing activity. While some action-oriented elements try to bring excitement by having you ride scooters or skateboards as part of the storyline, these modes fall far short of offering any real fun that previous titles provided.

Finally, I was left underwhelmed by the main event at the end of the game. I expected some display for Bratz Pack’s huge designer collection; instead, it was just another parade of clothes. I wondered why Petoons Studio did not include bargain bins from Rock Angelz or Forever Diamondz packs.

Though it does have its shortcomings, Bratz Flaunt Your Fashion remains an excellent way to learn the fashion skills of four stylish girls from Bratz. Its user-friendly gameplay and quest structure makes this accessible for kids, while adults may find it more of a chore than an adventure in fashion.

Set New Trends

Petoons Studio promises that this will be Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha’s most thrilling adventure yet as they chase fashion news across Barcelona, Seoul and Stylin’ Soiree – plus customizing them with new looks from the Girls Nite Out collection that will amaze their social followers and fans!

This art design instantly recalls Bratz and will feel familiar to its target audience. Kids will quickly become engaged with its characters as they talk and squeeze over clothing trends while complimenting one another on styles, beauty, friendships, crushes, and gossip!

There are a few issues with this game that limit its potential. Compared with previous Bratz titles, this one feels like fetch-questing with only occasional minigames as entertainment. Walking around each city could have been more enjoyable with things to do; even skating and posing didn’t hold as much allure this time.

This game isn’t awful, but it doesn’t offer much beyond its basic premise. While we would’ve liked more content and less fetch-questing, it isn’t the worst thing we’ve ever seen and is an enjoyable way to spend an hour or two with your daughter without the internet connection required by other games.

Travel the World

The Bratz are passionate about fashion! Whether prepping for photoshoots or sporting new outfits from the Girls Nite Out collection, they strive to stay fashionable and turn heads. Featuring a charming art style and a funky soundtrack, this game is easy for young players to get into; though there may be some fetch questing, most children won’t mind this aspect of gameplay either!

But our testers also had issues with our game’s lack of activities and minigames, particularly regarding minigames. Moving between locations, interviewing people in hallways, changing outfits over and over again, and filling out long lists is not enjoyable for them; At the same time, they did enjoy exploring all of its areas rather than spending most of their time running around interviewing other characters or discussing issues they didn’t find engaging or exciting enough.

On the plus side, we’ve witnessed the return of several fashion lines from past games. It’s nice seeing Campfire, Play Sportz, Wild Safari, and Pretty ‘n’ Punk back – as well as brand-new ones like Dynamite and Princess! It gives players more clothes to mix and match!

Overall, this Bratz game is an entertaining update to its franchise. While not the greatest we’ve played, it still provides four to six hours of content suitable for young girls in its target age group. With its cute art design, quirky soundtrack, and simple but engaging gameplay, young fashionistas should find plenty of content to keep them busy as they follow Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, and Sasha through their adventures! Those looking for additional challenges may need to seek out optional quests or look elsewhere; for those willing to embrace its simplicity will find themselves enjoying an accessible fashion adventure experience that may lack some of Outright Games’ other offerings; but still great fun and accessible fashion adventure that young fashionistas should enjoy!