Folding Utility Knife Review


Rexford RUT introduced premium utility knives into EDC markets. When folded up, it’s an impressively small device but features a unique slide lock system to deploy its standard full-sized utility blade quickly. The Interesting Info about custom blade manufacturer.

Exceed Designs TiRant utility knife is another high-end piece with a bottle opener, bit driver, and ample spare blade storage space.


Folding utility knives are a practical and convenient tool that can be carried like a pocket knife. Their blades can be used for various tasks, from breaking boxes down to cutting drywall or carpet. Some types even feature precision blades for precise tasks that require precision cutting.

Based on your requirements, utility knives are available that lock closed for safety, while others allow users to change blades quickly without tools. Some models even have built-in blade storage features to keep extra blades at hand.

While some folding utility knives fold all the way, others feature handles that bend or resemble non-folding pocket knives. Milwaukee’s bright red folder is an example of such an example – its ergonomic, stainless handle fits comfortably in your hand while opening, featuring a frame-lock mechanism to secure it when shut and an easy opening mechanism with thumb stud and smooth pivot deployment via thumb stud deployment. Deployed via thumb stud deployment via smooth pivot release mechanism like modern folding knives; tradesman does not include bottle opener or bit driver functionality but does include wire stripper/cord cutter notch at the bottom of the shank along with pocket clip right-hand tip-up carry and blade holder that snaps open/shut for quick cleaning when shut.

The Gerber Quick-Change utility knife is another compact utility knife with blade storage capabilities, featuring a small footprint when closed and opening up to 5.1 inches long when fully extended. This model’s locking liner helps reduce any play between the blade and handle for extra stability in use; additionally, the holder snaps open and closed quickly for cleaning purposes, and there’s no tool necessary when changing blades out.

Workpro’s folding utility knife is professional-grade and an excellent value, featuring ergonomic design and durable construction. Featuring a locking liner and convenient retractable cord storage compartment as well as a wire stripper/cord cutter slit on its shank for quick deployment of the blade. A thumb stud and smooth pivot ensure fast blade deployment; when not in use, it can be locked securely into place using its thumb stud lock mechanism and smooth pivot mechanism. Its handle features non-slip material to reduce slipperiness, while its durable steel blade makes this knife an excellent option for contractors or home improvement pros!


Utility knives are indispensable for cutting cardboard boxes, DIY projects, or clearing debris off job sites. Small enough to fit easily in your pocket or tool pouch and equipped with sharp blades designed to cut through materials quickly and effortlessly – from carpeting and rope to carpets and drywall – utility knives come equipped with serrated edges, hooked edge blades, wire stripper tools, and specialty blades – utility knives make every task easier!

The design of the blade is an integral aspect of choosing a utility knife. Many have quick-change blade systems that allow users to remove old edges, turn them around, and reintroduce them without taking apart their knife, saving time and effort while ensuring blades stay secured in their handles when not in use. Some even come equipped with blade storage compartments.

Utility knives can be found online and at retail locations, with some of the more popular models by Milwaukee, IRWIN, Stanley, and DeWalt being particularly sought-after. These durable yet sturdy designs often used on framing projects or remodels boast durable steel construction for strength and corrosion resistance – perfect for framing projects or remodels; lightweight yet compact designs make this ideal to carry in tool belts or around necks for convenience.

One of the most coveted utility knives available today is the IRWIN Fastback. This model offers an ergonomic handle, retractable blade, and quick-release button, allowing one-handed knife opening. Furthermore, this model has a wire stripper and convenient clips to attach securely to a belt or tool pouch.

Stanley Classic Folding Utility knives are an economical, reliable solution. Not as stylish as their more high-end counterparts, these Stanley knives provide essential utility solutions perfect for weekend projects – plus, they come equipped with 11 replacement blades if one ever becomes dull!

Folding utility knives are much easier and more portable than their rigid counterparts, with their lightweight construction making them manageable in tight spaces and more comfortable for prolonged usage. It is ideal for light to medium-duty tasks and an essential addition to any emergency kit.


Many work tasks utilize hand tools that can potentially cause serious injuries. Utility knives contain blades that can easily cut through the skin when left exposed or misused; the best utility knives mitigate these risks with improved blade design and handle features.

One effective way of minimizing injury risk is implementing auto-retractable blades on knives, so when not in use, they automatically retract. This prevents accidental cuts when you set it down and forget it is still active when picking it back up again – or those “blink-and-miss-it” moments where cutting your hand accidentally occurs when handing it off.

Retractable safety knives offer protection from injuries caused by misusing blades or failing to wear personal protective equipment by providing features such as safe thumb guards that prevent injuries when cutting skin and locking mechanisms that keep blades securely in place when not in use. The top models offer both of these features.

The grip of a folding utility knife is another critical consideration for safety. Aim for something with an ergonomic, comfortable handle that won’t cause blisters or hand fatigue; using both hands at once is even better; some models such as DeWalt’s, OLFA’s and Stanley 10-099 feature this ambidextrous design.

Other features that define a practical utility knife include an anti-slip design, a lock to keep the blade extended when not in use, and a quick change system that lets you swap out blades quickly without tools for ease. Some models even provide storage for additional blades to ensure you always have one on hand.

No matter which safety features you select, practicing correct knife handling techniques is vital. This involves avoiding thick materials for which blades cannot cut easily, employing appropriate cutting techniques when cutting, maintaining blades regularly to prevent sharp edges or gouging surfaces, taking frequent breaks during prolonged usage, and taking care during these breaks to minimize wrist or arm strain which can lead to long-term injuries.


DeWalt makes an outstanding retractable utility knife: their model offers a smooth mechanism for extending and retracting its blade with multiple preset stopping points and is lightweight enough for everyday use. Plus, this model includes an easy belt clip and magnetized arm storage space to safely store spare blades if safety concerns arise during its use. Finally, for added peace of mind during usage, it features a liner lock that protects fingers while using this blade!

Folding utility knives open and close like regular pocket knives and are generally smaller, making them more convenient to carry for daily cutting tasks. Many come equipped with additional tools to assist with other tasks, such as cord cutters and gut hooks built into their handles. If you want one device that does it all, consider the Milwaukee Fastback Folding Utility Knife with its magnetic arm storage facility, five spare blades, and several handy extra features for added convenience.

If you don’t require the extra storage provided by folding utility knives, this Stanley utility knife makes an excellent everyday choice. Equipped with three blade positions to suit various cutting needs and boasting American craftsmanship and long-term durability, its compact design fits easily in pockets or tool belts. While one drawback of this knife may be having to take out one screw to access its blade storage compartment and replace blades – though for most users, this won’t be an issue.

No matter which utility knife you opt for, you must pay close attention to its design and ergonomics. “Utility knives should have handles that fit comfortably in your hand,” according to Williams. In addition, its body should be constructed from sturdy materials as it will likely endure wear and tear over time.

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