Forex Signals Review


Forex signals are trade recommendations sent by traders to other users. These signals typically contain detailed information on a trading strategy and position sizing; additionally they may include trailing stops that help increase profits by automatically closing losing positions.

Zero to Hero offers Forex signals services which deliver at least ten complete trading signals per weekday when major markets are open, drawing from both fundamental and technical analysis for their signals.


Learn2trade is an online trading signals platform offering forex and crypto trading signals as well as educational content to assist traders with becoming more successful traders. They also offer premium subscription plans which provide subscribers with even greater value; although there have been some criticisms of their service, overall Learn2trade remains highly reputable with an impressive win rate.

Learn 2 Trade signal algorithm is known for its high success rate and use of various indicators to assess market trends. Bollinger bands allow it to measure real time volatility as well as predict price movements based on historical averages.

This platform provides beneficial forex tips and signals, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and real-time news analysis. Subscribers can gain access to trading recommendations through their highly acclaimed Telegram channel; plus raffles offering cash prizes can help increase profits for traders. All these features can help traders increase their profit potential.

1000pip Builder

Forex trading can be an efficient and straightforward way to make money online, without needing an extensive amount of expertise. 1000pip Builder is specially tailored for newcomers and will help build an account quickly and effortlessly.

This service sends its members two to seven trade signals per day via email, text message or Telegram (a popular privacy-based messaging app). Each signal includes all the information necessary for placing trades such as take profit/stop loss/entry price etc.

According to the 1000pip Builder website, their trading signal service has generated over 6500 pips in 4 months. Furthermore, MyFxBook verification can give you confidence that the results shown on this website are genuine. Nonetheless, past performance does not guarantee future success; you must always conduct extensive research prior to investing if possible; getting it wrong could drastically erode profitability.

Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero offers reliable returns with their signal service that leverages both defensive and aggressive trading styles, using an MT4 account. Their monthly subscription rates currently start from $97; users can opt to save money with three or six-month subscription packages instead.

The website offers a free 7-day trial that allows traders to test out whether this system suits them. Myfxbook verified results can also help determine whether it’s worth giving it a go.

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Trade With Pat

Trade With Pat is a forex signals service offering trading ideas, real-time market updates and trading recommendations. They offer several packages – such as their free one month trial offer – while there’s also the VIP subscription which provides live trading signals with full explanation of market bias for each signal sent out.

Trading signals provided by this service combine both fundamental and technical analysis, with entry, stop loss, and take profit levels included in every signal sent via email or SMS for London and New York sessions as well as occasional signals sent during Asian sessions.

Importantly, while these signals may prove useful for traders, they cannot replace proper risk management practices. Therefore, it is recommended to only utilise them if you possess sufficient experience and knowledge to make profitable trades; additionally, proper money management must also be adhered to – any losses could be significant!