HotForex PAMM Review


At HF Markets, there are various kinds of accounts, including PAMM accounts. Each offers unique advantages and disadvantages. You can search our list of PAMM managers based on performance. Furthermore, filters allow for further refinement by various criteria.

Hotforex provides several free trading calculators to assist with making more informed decisions, including risk percentage calculator, multi-target calculator and pivot point calculator.

Minimum deposit

HotForex is an award-winning forex broker offering PAMM accounts to its clients. By utilising one of these accounts, you can trade on your behalf by mirroring the trading strategies of an expert account manager. Furthermore, HF Markets has different account types available including PAMM Investor Account, HFCopy and Auto accounts – plus it even offers zero spread accounts specifically targeted toward social (mirror) trading!

PAMM accounts provide investors with an opportunity to invest in professional traders’ trading strategies and share in their profits. Since these traders operate with both their own funds as well as investors’ money, it is imperative that they consider your investment interests when placing trades on the market.

Your options for copy trading depend on which managers you wish to follow and their terms of cooperation. In addition, you can set a limit for how long your investment capital stays in an account before being withdrawn early by any one manager – with penalties applicable if they withdraw it prior to that deadline.

Minimum withdrawal

Traders can withdraw funds through various payment processors. Withdrawals for EPS and cryptocurrency withdrawals are instantaneous while bank wire withdrawals typically take between 1-3 business days to clear. Furthermore, there is the option of funding your account via local bank transfer – particularly beneficial for Nigerian traders as this eliminates exchange fees.

HotForex PAMM accounts enable you to invest in the Forex currency market, precious metals and CFD stock market indices through professional account managers. Managers operate with both their trading capital and investors’ money; always keeping in mind your interests first and foremost.

MyHF offers real-time reports of each trade you make and PAMM managers to diversify your investment portfolio, with managers selected based on personal preferences and investment aims. You can even set a rescue level so as to limit losses.

Customer support

HotForex PAMM accounts offer investors an easy and cost-effective way to gain profit on Forex without needing to trade their own account directly. You also gain control of managing your funds, which makes this option ideal for investors seeking a greater return while also mitigating risks involved with financial operations.

PAMM services from brokers enable investors to select successful traders and invest in their trades. In addition, this service provides detailed information about each trader’s trading performance including closed trades, percentage of winners and average profit per trade.

HFM’s website is user-friendly, and their customer support team offers 24-hour assistance in multiple languages. Furthermore, the broker keeps client funds segregated from operational debt and corporate liabilities by keeping segregated accounts that protect from operational debt and corporate liabilities; additionally they are protected with an EU5 Million Civil Liability Insurance policy cap.

Trading conditions

HFM offers traders a selection of trading conditions to fit their individual preferences and aims. Choose from six live accounts – Micro, Premium and Swap-free Islamic Accounts as well as an HFB Copy Social Copy Trader; there’s even an HFM Demo Account without minimum deposits!

Profits are divided automatically among PAMM managers and Investors in proportion, and both parties put their capital at risk; managers also represent their investors’ best interests and are compensated based on performance.

PAMM accounts provide an efficient means of investing on the Forex market without making transactions yourself. You can diversify your investments by investing in multiple PAMM managers. In addition, this platform features analytical tools and is compatible with all devices – plus investors can set a Rescue Level to protect some funds.