How Tall is Liver King?


Liver King is an American Tiktok star, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer known for living an ancestral lifestyle and possessing a fantastic physique. To sustain it, he regularly consumes raw liver, protein drinks, and egg yolks while using pharmaceutical HGH and supplements such as Test Cyp, Decca, and Omnitrope to maintain his strength.

He is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Brian Johnson, better known by his stage name of Liver King on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook Live, is renowned for living an ancestral lifestyle and eating raw meat. Additionally, as an experienced bodybuilder, he promotes natural health solutions – his followers follow him to achieve healthy bodies.

He believes that eating healthily is the key to creating a solid and fit physique, advocating the consumption of raw beef liver, protein drinks, egg yolks, and bone marrow to maintain a healthy weight and increase energy levels. Furthermore, besides nutritional supplements, he uses natural herbs that aid digestion while increasing energy.

Liver King lists nine principles of ancestral living as the cornerstones for a successful lifestyle: eating liver and other organ meats, sleeping well, staying cold, soaking up sun rays through daily movement, and connecting with nature. He references Weston A. Price’s work in studying indigenous nutrition; his research found that people who consumed animal organs had much more muscular physiques than those who didn’t.

Liver King can be seen catching fish with his teeth and diving into ice baths to maintain a balanced lifestyle. He consumes one pound of raw liver daily as an excellent source of iron, folate, and Vitamin A & B. Additionally, he claims to avoid all electronic devices, including mobile phones, and having Faraday curtains installed in his bedroom to block radio waves entering.

Liver King and Barbara Johnson, known as “Liver Queen,” met while snowboarding and now appear together in many of his TikTok and YouTube videos. Additionally, their two children, Stryker and Rad, sometimes appear in their father’s videos.

Liver King has made waves with his ancestral lifestyle advocacy and by contributing millions of dollars to charity. Additionally, his company offers popular products.

He is 190 pounds.

Brian Johnson is a fitness enthusiast living in Texas known as Liver King. He has established himself on TikTok as an entrepreneur, vlogger, and media face – creating an immense following through his dedication to living a healthy lifestyle and advocating ancestral techniques.

He boasts an enviable physique and is 5 feet 7 inches, weighing 190 pounds. An advocate of raw animal organ consumption, he advises his followers to begin with small liver doses before gradually increasing them over time.

Although famous, he has not escaped controversy. A recent expose claimed he used steroids to maintain his physique; since then, he has issued an apology and issued a video explaining the situation and clarifying his views on bodybuilding.

While his lifestyle may be controversial, his message of ancestral living has resonated deeply with many people. He has amassed an enormous following on social media and even designed his line of supplements. Furthermore, he is an accomplished public speaker who has appeared in multiple television programs.

His height and body weight are perfectly balanced, giving him a posture that exudes power and vitality. His brown hair and grey eyes stand out; his jawline features an elegant chiseled edge to round off his appearance. An animal lover by nature, he owns two Doberman dogs.

Since early 2016, he has used TikTok to share workout and lifestyle videos. Since then, his videos have gone viral, garnering a significant following and his viral status. His training regimen consists of heavy-weight training, sprint variations on an assault bike, sun walking miles for exercise, and lots of back/shoulder exercises such as deadlifts/snatches and Olympic lifts.

He’s an avid hunter with several firearms who enjoys hunting for game and devouring their offal. Additionally, he has a keen sense of history and travel.

He has a wife.

Brian Johnson is known to his TikTok and Instagram followers as the Liver King; this bodybuilder/entrepreneur promotes ancestral diet and lifestyle choices such as raw liver consumption. Brian gained notoriety for his extreme brand of masculinity and extreme fitness routines; eating items such as cow’s testicles and liver while sporting an expansive beard and wearing an oversized hat while often going shirtless is all part of his routine.

He credits his family’s health issues as motivating him to search for healthier ways of life, prompting him to read books on nutrition before discovering Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, which challenged the norms of modern medicine. It inspired him to change his lifestyle and live by its nine ancestral tenants: Eat, Sleep, Move, Shine, Shield Connect, Cold Sun Fight Bond.

The Liver King’s wife is also well-known on social media for supporting his lifestyle. As a biological dentist, her admirers call her Liver Queen; similarly, the Liver King himself has gained notoriety due to his strict adherence to ancestral living and extreme masculinity, with multiple tattoos covering his body and often appearing shirtless in public settings.

Although many fans want to learn more about his wife, Stryker and Rad are often seen in her husband’s videos on social media. While she appears in them, she prefers a private life. She supports his lifestyle by working out alongside him. Additionally, they both appear together as they show support.

A couple in Austin, Texas, has purchased an extravagant home worth $7 million with features including an open kitchen and several bedrooms as well as both an indoor and outdoor pool, horse stable, gym, ancestral organic dietary supplements sales business, horse stable, gym membership and horse sound facilities. Furthermore, they own their own customary organic dietary supplements sales business, enabling them to create wealth through this venture; this has helped maintain an enjoyable lifestyle. They plan to expand this company and offer new products. Furthermore, their 500-acre ranch provides pasture land for cattle and horse space!

He has a net worth.

Brian Johnson, better known by his moniker Liver King, has amassed an immense online following through advocating a raw meat diet and lifestyle. Additionally, he has started several businesses related to these subjects, with his most lucrative venture being his line of supplements aligning with nine ancestral principles and sponsorship deals as sources of income.

Liver King also shares videos of himself working out and eating on YouTube and TikTok accounts, with over 1.7 million subscribers between both platforms. He works out multiple times daily at his large home, which features a pool, sparring ring with wrestling mats, and a fully equipped gym – an additional plus factor!

Liver King has an estimated net worth of $12 Million. He is married to Barbara, better known as “the liver queen,” they share two sons named Rad and Stryker. A robust family support system is vital to his success; this foundation is essential to his success story.

Liver King has faced considerable scrutiny regarding his diet and lifestyle since becoming successful, with leaks of emails detailing it being leaked by opponents as accusations that he uses steroids to enhance his physique surfaced against him. Yet regardless of these accusations, he still advocates for his diet and lifestyle and hopes others follow in his footsteps.

Although his business is booming, that hasn’t kept him from spending his free time with family and training his dogs. Most of his free time is spent with his wife and two Dobermans – often snowboarding together! In 2004, snowboarding led to him meeting “Liver Queen.”

Liver King boasts multiple income streams, and his net worth is steadily growing. He makes money through various brands and sponsors he promotes on social media; popular ones are Ancestral Supplements, Heart & Soil, Medicine Man Plant Company, and The Fittest. Furthermore, he owns hundreds of acres of real estate, making up part of his net worth.