How to Fix Foggy Headlights


Foggy headlights can be a significant safety hazard, but there are some ways to remove the fog. These include using silica gel packets or a hairdryer to remove a small amount of condensation. You can also remove the headlight bulb to clean the inside of the lens. You should also check the seals to see if they have been damaged.


If you’ve noticed that your car’s headlights have a foggy appearance, it might be time to consider sanding them. This procedure is relatively simple and can restore your headlights to their former glory. Sanding removes the oxidation products from the surface of the headlights. The best sandpaper to use for this purpose is silicon carbide. This type of sandpaper has sharp grains and works well with moisture.

Before you sand your headlights, you should wipe them clean with water or a microfiber cloth. You can then apply the sandpaper to the headlights. Make sure the sandpaper is clean since dust on the sandpaper causes deeper scratches and haze. You can also use dry sandpaper to clean the headlights.

To remove the haze, use sandpaper with fine grit and water. Be sure to use a circular motion while sanding. After sanding, you should use a polishing compound and ensure that you’re using an even amount of pressure.


Foggy headlights can cause a safety hazard and reduce visibility. They also decrease the light your vehicle emits during the night. But there are solutions to these problems. Using a DIY kit, you can restore your headlights to give you better visibility during the night.

First, clean the lens of your headlights. You can use headlight cleaning kits available in most auto supply stores. These kits contain unique materials for cleaning foggy headlight lenses. Clean the lens using a cleaning solution that is gentle but effective. Dry it with a microfiber towel.

Another option is to use a wipe-on headlight restoration kit. These kits can improve the condition of your headlights in a short period. However, these kits may not work well for more complicated headlight problems.