How to Share Your Instagram Post to Pinterest


If you want to know how to share your Instagram post to Pinterest, there are a few steps that you need to take. There are also a few tips that you need to follow to ensure that your post gets the most exposure.

Claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest

Claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest is a great way to boost your engagement and get more clicks. Connecting your account on Pinterest gives you access to better analytics and attribution on your Pins. In addition, claiming your Pinterest account will allow you to share your pins with other social media platforms.

The new feature from Pinterest is quite simple to use. You can do this on either your desktop or mobile device. Log in to your Pinterest account, select the Settings tab, and you should see a button on the left. Next, select the “Claimed” icon. This should open an authorization window with a green checkmark. Once you’ve completed the sign-in process, you should see a new follow button appear in your pins.

Previously, a claimed Pinterest account only provided analytics about the most common Pinterest pins. But now, you can attribute all pins from your account, whether they were created by you or someone else. Plus, your report will be linked with any future rivets you make.

Pinterest is a great marketing tool for a business, but its link-friendly nature means you can drive more traffic to your site and convert more visitors to followers. If you want to maximize your chances of growing your following on the platform, you need to be able to connect with your audience on all fronts.

Creating Idea Pins

You can use several features in the Pinterest app to create idea pins from Instagram posts. These may be related to tagging topics, adding stickers and text, or creating new pages.

To create a good idea pin, you should consider using photos and videos, and interactive elements such as tagging other accounts, stickers, and voiceovers. This way, you can increase your followers’ chances of being discovered and get feedback on your content.

Use the Pinterest app to add a title, description, photo, or video. If you’re planning to upload a video, use the “Speed” feature in the app to reduce the size. A high-resolution video can help your idea pin stand out in the feed.

Including a video as the first page in your idea pin is best, as the Pinterest algorithm favors video. A second page might be an image with a call to action, such as a website or online shop. Finally, the last photo in your idea pin can be an eye-catching call to action.

Another interesting tidbit about Idea Pins is that you can share them on other social media platforms. For example, npost them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email newsletters. However, you’ll need to request access to this feature.

Tracking impressions and clicks

When you share Instagram posts to Pinterest, tracking impressions and clicks can provide valuable insights into the performance of your content. This can help you develop a better content strategy. The results can also give you a better idea of the type of audience you are targeting.

Whether you’re a blogger or a company, tracking metrics can help you stay on track. Whether you’re trying to drive traffic to your site, build awareness for your brand, or sell your products, it’s essential to know what’s working. These metrics can give you a clear picture of your post’s performance and help you prioritize your most important content.

To track impressions and clicks for your Pinterest account, go to your Profile. Hover over the image of your avatar to see your profile stats. You’ll see key Pin metrics in the Analytics tab, including impressions, save rate, and outbound clicks.

Impressions count how often your post appears on the home feed and search results. Your position may also appear on other users’ boards, depending on the social media platform.

You’ll see a higher engagement rate if multiple users see your pins. This is the number of people who click your ad, like it or comment on it. It’s a good sign that your CTA is working and that people are interested in your content.