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Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi that has been serialized since March 1998 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Since then, it has also been adapted into two anime television series and three OVA films.

Greed Island ends where its OVA counterpart left off, as Gon and Killua train hard under Biscuit’s tutelage to improve their skills.

1. Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island Final

Hunter x Hunter has long been recognized as one of the premier shonen anime of all time, thanks to its groundbreaking storytelling style and exceptional characters, making it an instant favorite in its native Japan. Based on Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga series, this original anime ran from 1999 to 2004 before several OVAs followed, all directed by Hiroshi Kojina at Madhouse Studios.

Gon Freecss dreams of following in his father Ging Freecss’ footsteps and becoming a hunter like himself despite him abandoning him as an infant. Determined to pass the Hunter Examination and locate Ging in real life, Gon encounters many friends and foes on his journey aided by Killua, who becomes his best ally and bodyguard.

The New City Arc (Guridoairandobian Hen) is one of the best episodes in this series, possessing all of the elements essential to crafting an engaging tale: tension and intrigue coupled with humorous moments – making for one fantastic adventure! Additionally, unlike some shonen anime shows that drag out their stories for too long (but can only offer fragmented storytelling), this one does not lose steam and ultimately ends up killing its narrative.

Though the York New City arc is long, it never becomes dull or repetitive. The characters within add great depth and texture to the tale while providing a solid foundation for its plot.

Gon and Killua attend an auction in New City to scout potential employers who may hire hunters for Greed Island. Milluki informs them that this game will be presented at the Southern Piece Auction, so Gon and Killua prepare diligently in advance by training hard with Hatsu-based abilities that harness electricity while Gon utilizes his ability to combine basic Nen abilities into new Hatsu.

Phantom Troupe arrives at an auction, but sellers are forced to relocate their merchandise elsewhere. Gon and Killua then enter Hisoka’s mansion, even though an angry mob surrounds them, but eventually capture Hisoka alive. Pakunoda then transfers Hisoka’s memories onto six members, including Kurapika, who becomes sick due to Pakunoda sharing them.

2. Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge

Leorio sends for Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck when Kurapika’s eyes are stolen by an unknown priest, prompting their search to lead them towards Omokage of Phantom Troupe fame, as well as meeting a young puppeteer girl who seems connected with it all.

Madhouse produced and released their inaugural Hunter x Hunter film in 2013, which took place between New City and Greed Island arcs and featured Kurapika having his eyes stolen by an evil priest; during their search for them, they come into contact with Phantoms- a dangerous group of thieves responsible for the massacre of Kurta clan five years prior.

3. Hunter x Hunter: The Final Battle

DeNA released a smartphone game based on the Hunter x Hunter franchise called Hunter x Hunter Arena Battle several years back but recently announced via Twitter that service will end by March 31st. Although an otaku favorite, mobile games experienced difficulties with profitability due to low numbers of players and bugs and issues with graphics and gameplay – making the free-to-play title less desirable with optional in-app purchases available as an add-on feature.

Hunter x Hunter is an action-packed series with high-octane battle scenes, leaving viewers gasping in delight while cheering for their hero and detesting their antagonist. Yoshihiro Togashi’s skill at designing fights that draw in audiences makes Hunter x Hunter one of today’s top shonen titles.

The series’ initial arc was a fantastic display of Gon’s abilities. He proved himself more than capable of competing with some of the world’s elite hunters; although at times his courage wavered, his determination and perseverance ultimately won out over their superior hunter skills. Furthermore, this battle displayed not only Gon’s fighting aptitude but also showed the versatility of his Nen ability.

Another hallmark of Hunter x Hunter’s success lies in its well-developed characters. Gon Freecss is an outstanding protagonist, perfectly embodying all the characteristics associated with shonen protagonists, such as braveness, confidence, and goofiness – hallmarks of good protagonists in shonen anime series like Hunter x Hunter. Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua round off this cast and complement its narrative perfectly; Yoshihiro Togashi excels at writing characters; Hunter x Hunter certainly shows this fact! Yoshihiro Togashi excels when it comes to writing characters – and Hunter x Hunter is no exception when it comes to Yoshihiro Togashi’s masterful writing characters! Yoshihiro Togashi is the mastermind who gives us Hunter x Hunter anime with Hunter x Hunter himself!

4. Hunter x Hunter: The Final Battle OST

Hunter x Hunter is an anime series beloved by its fans for its positive messages of friendship and bravery in facing hardships. However, some events in its story cover darker topics that may not sit well with modern anime audiences, such as plot points placing young protagonists in life-threatening situations that should never occur or problematic character designs and tragic circumstances surrounding certain characters – raising serious concerns regarding how such portrayals should be respected in anime media.

Hisoka is a character who frequently causes controversy for his pursuit of solid fighters like Gon and Killua. Hisoka’s relentless pursuit puts them into potentially precarious positions that jeopardize their safety while also drawing criticism due to his uncouth behavior toward children. Additionally, some viewers question if Hisoka’s violent antics poorly reflect how the series treats its characters.

Kurt and Reina’s tragic deaths by Chimera Ants raise severe ethical questions in anime. While their deaths resulted from acts of war, it can be difficult to discern their true motivations; one child even had both parents killed by Chimera Ants! Such barbarism highlights an issue within anime as an art form.

Though its events have caused much controversy, fans still find them captivating and enjoyable. The show’s music is equally engaging; “Departure” makes an exciting start to an episode, while “Kaze no Uta” offers viewers a peek into the protagonists’ emotional worlds.

The OST also contains some exciting bonus material, including Sakurazaka46’s Phantom Rouge MV from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and makes them into animated music videos, depicting Killua’s progress throughout Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga and beyond the scope of the anime adaptation. This piece gives fans a bonus dimension.