Latrobe Health Insurance Reviews


If you’re looking for a health insurance plan, you’ll find various options through Latrobe Health. These policies range in cost and offer many features, including hospital cover, extras, and gap cover. In addition to these primary benefits, you can also purchase a range of additional extras and other benefits to enhance your health insurance coverage further.

Latrobe Health is a non-profit health fund.

Latrobe Health has provided members with high-quality health insurance for over seven decades and a great customer experience. This non-profit health fund has grown to include over 80,000 members and operates under the Members Own Health Funds group. This means that the dividends generated from the fund are invested back into its members, which means you can benefit from higher benefits and more paid claims.

The fund has many custom options, including three different types of hospital coverage. The Latrobe Basic Extras plan covers general dental, primary, and optical services. The Latrobe Core Families plan covers dental care, including fluoride treatment and dental examination. Finally, the Latrobe Essentials plan covers dental services and comes with a loyalty bonus when purchased on top of hospital cover.

Latrobe Health is an Australian-owned, not-for-profit private health insurer. It was founded in 1951 and had a solid commitment to providing outstanding customer service and helping its community. Today, the fund covers its members Australia-wide. As a result, members enjoy the convenience of no out-of-pocket costs and a dedicated team.

It offers hospital cover.

Latrobe Health Services is an Australian registered private health insurer with over 90,000 members across Australia. Founded in 1950, it has a reputation for friendly and professional service. Its members are among the most satisfied in the industry. Latrobe Health is the right choice for you iSo if you are looking for hospital coverage in Australia.

Latrobe Health Insurance provides hospital cover that helps you get treatment and pay your bills when you’re in the hospital. The fees for specialists and hospital rooms can add up very quickly. You can also avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge if you have a hospital cover plan with Latrobe. The company offers five hospital cover plans, from basic to gold cover, for the most comprehensive care.

The company’s mid-tier policy is designed for the family and includes dental and optical benefits. It also offers a free QUIT smoking course. Other features include the HICAPS payment system for medical practitioners, and you can also submit claims by email. The hospital cover with Latrobe extends to private day clinics and hospitals throughout Australia. Check the policy details to determine if your policy covers the hospital you visit.

It offers extras

Latrobe Health Insurance offers a wide range of extras that will help you pay for various services. Its essential extras cover a range of general dental, vision, allied, and optical services. There are also several family-specific extras. For example, Latrobe’s mid-range policy includes dental treatment, fluoride treatment, and speech therapy. The higher-end family-extras policy includes the same benefits but also has a loyalty bonus for those who purchase it alongside hospital cover.

Latrobe also offers extras that help you save money. The entry-level cover for extras is geared toward those who do not want to spend much money. It covers routine medical expenses but does not cover breastfeeding expenses. It also covers a comprehensive health screening. However, it is worth noting that most health insurance policies will require you to wait for a certain period before you can claim certain extras.

Latrobe Health Insurance offers an exceptional hearing aid discount for those with hearing loss. The discount is up to 50% off the retail price. Unfortunately, unlike other offers, this discount is not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. It would be best if you visited a registered audiologist to make the most of this offer. They can help you understand your hearing loss and recommend treatment options. They will also be able to advise you on the benefits and limitations of hearing aids, depending on your circumstances.

It offers a gap cover.

Latrobe Health Insurance may be the right choice if you need a gap cover. Its mid-tier extras policy covers the most common treatments and is designed forth, families. While this policy doesn’t cover central dental or orthodontics, it is cheaper than other policies. You can also choose a higher-tier family extras policy that offers more inclusions and benefits.

Depending on your needs, Latrobe Health Insurance may offer a “Known Gap” Cover, which covers charges above the MBS fee. This gap cover is designed to help you minimize any out-of-pocket costs, although you cannot force your doctor to accept this cover. If this is the case, the insurer will discuss this with you before the procedure.

When it comes to hospital coverage, Latrobe offers five different policies. The Basic Hospital cover covers the basics, while the Silver Plus policy includes a more comprehensive hospital package and is better suited to older Australians. The hospital policy also includes emergency ambulance cover. The extras policy can help with routine medical expenses, while the hospital cover can provide up to 100% rebates.