Learner Licence Test Questions PDF in Gujarati


To pass the learner license test, you need to answer a series of questions about road rules and safety. You can practice with these sample tests. If you have difficulties reading the questions, we can provide an interpreter for you. Just call 13 22 13launch.

The question types and content of the learning license test vary by state. However, there are a few common questions that will be asked.


A driving license is a legal authorization for a person to operate certain types of motorized vehicles. It is usually plastic and the size of a credit card. A driver’s license also allows people to work on the road legally.

To be able to pass the knowledge test and obtain your DL, you must understand the vocabulary used in the questions and answers. If you have trouble reading, the staff can read the questions out loud for you if there is an available staff member at the time of the test.

There are a few words that are similar in Hindi and Gujarati. Learn these words to make your vocabulary stronger.

Static GK

Static general knowledge is a broad term used to describe facts and information that aren’t likely to change in the near future. This includes information about people, places, things, essential days, currencies, and dances. Many exams require a strong understanding of these subjects, and they’re an integral part of any competitive exam. This is why you should make a plan for preparing these topics.

One way to prepare for a static GK test is by following a study schedule and using reliable sources. Use books, magazines, and websites to gather information and create concise notes that will help you remember the subject quickly. You can also take quizzes and mock tests to assess your skills. This will help you identify areas of improvement and determine what areas to focus on during your studies.

Another way to improve your GK score is by learning as much as possible about current affairs and history. This will help you become more familiar with world events and will aid in your preparation for competitive exams. It’s essential to stay up-to-date on current events, but it’s equally important to understand the context of those events.

GK is a vital component of any competitive exam, and it plays a significant role in determining the final score. The general awareness portion of a competitive exam typically includes two parts: current and static. Static GK is a topic that most students struggle with, but there are strategies to learn it effectively.

It is essential to have a firm grasp of Static GK before you can pass a competition. This topic is usually one of the highest-scoring sections in an examination, so it’s worth focusing on. In addition to learning the fundamentals, you should also pay attention to the latest events and news in India and the world. Then, you’ll be able to prepare for any exam with confidence. If you’re from a disadvantaged background or Aboriginal community, you may be eligible for special access programs to assist you with your study and test preparation. These programs are offered in multiple languages and include support for literacy, numeracy, and computer skills.

General Knowledge

A driving license is an important document issued by the government of India. It is a legal proof of identity and address. You can use it to drive a vehicle in any part of the country. To get a driving license, you need to pass a knowledge test. These tests can be challenging to prepare for. Fortunately, there are some ways you can practice for these tests.

The questions in an RTO test can cover a variety of topics, including traffic rules and regulations, road signs, and driving in different weather conditions. It is essential to study the official driver’s handbook in order to understand the questions and answers. You can also find a lot of information online about RTO test preparation.

If you are a student from a low-income background, there are a number of programs available to help you prepare for the test. For example, The Driving Licence Access Program can assist you with your learning, literacy, numeracy, and computer skills to help you pass the test. You can also apply for a Worklaunch grant to help you afford the costs of getting your driving license. You will need to submit several documents, such as your proof of age, proof of residence, and a medical check-up report.

Road Safety

The questions asked in your learner’s license test cover road safety, including road rules, driving in different weather conditions, and how to handle a vehicle. These questions vary by state and region. You can find these questions in the official driver’s handbook provided by your regional transport office.

If you are having trouble with reading or understanding the questions, we can provide an interpreter to help you. This service is free, but you must book ahead of time by calling 13 22 13. launch This service can be arranged in English, Arabic, Croatian, Greek, Serbian and Turkish. We also offer a program for people from disadvantaged backgrounds and Aboriginal communities called the Driver Licensing Access Program. This can help you with the literacy, numeracy, and computer skills needed to pass the knowledge test.