Paramo Velez Jacket Review


The Paramo Velez Jacket is a lightweight waterproof system with torso vents and hand pockets. It also features a fluorocarbon-free DWR. This Paramo jacket is made to withstand all weather conditions. If you’re looking for an all-weather coat, this one is worth your consideration.

Paramo Velez Jacket is a lightweight waterproof system.

The Paramo Velez Jacket is a high-performance, lightweight waterproof jacket. The jacket is made of two different materials: fleece and a windproof membrane. The fabric is treated to be water-resistant, and it features a Paramo Analogy Pump Liner for liquid transfer. It has been tested in a rain room at the University of Leeds, where it is exposed to 15mm of rain per hour with varying droplet sizes for up to four hours. This is equivalent to five times the amount of rain that falls in the UK during a typical summer.

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the Paramo Velez Jacket has an athletic fit and articulated sleeves. The jacket features a wire-peaked ‘halo’ hood that offers weather protection and a good field of vision. It is made of lightweight fabric and has hook-and-loop cuffs.

It has torso vents

The torso vents in the Paramo Velez Jacket help dry the jacket’s interior. The jacket’s four zippered torso vents allow for easy ventilation. The jacket is also lightweight and has an adjustable hood. This jacket is made with a pump liner and a windproof outer fabric. This combination of features makes it exceptionally breathable and windproof. The jacket also has a directional waterproofing system. Nikwax Analogy waterproof fabric allows up to 80% of water to drain away.

The Paramo Velez Jacket has been designed for very active people. It is waterproof and windproof for all your outdoor activities. The torso and arm vents provide maximum ventilation and help prevent cold spots. It also has dual-phase chest pockets with secure interior handwarmer pockets.

It has hand pockets

The Paramo Velez Jacket is an excellent choice for a lightweight waterproof jacket. This jacket is breathable and features mesh pockets to help keep your hands dry. Its unique dual-phase bags combine hand pockets with vents, making them versatile for various activities. The jacket also features a hood with drawstrings and a rollaway hood.

This jacket is ideal for cycling, snow sports, and walking. It has a water-resistant face fabric and a separate layer with the look and feel of animal fur to keep you dry. It is also made of high-quality materials, which are durable and environmentally friendly.

It has a fluorocarbon-free DWR

The Paramo Velez Jacket has a Fluorocarbon Free DWR, which means it repels water without using harmful fluorocarbons. This fabric is also recyclable. Paramo’s Nikwax Analogy fabric systems are uniquely suited for recycling. They use 100% polyester, which can be broken down to form new high-quality fibres. Paramo’s clothing is also Fair Trade, which ensures that all their clothes have been produced ethically.

The jacket features a fluorocarbon-free DWR finish, an adjustable mountain hood with a fleece-lined chin guard, two chest pockets with zipped compartments and an athletic hem. It also supports the Miquelina Foundation in Bogota, Colombia, which provides training and education to vulnerable women who work in the garment industry.

It is versatile

The Paramo Velez Jacket is a versatile outdoor jacket that is made for a variety of activities. It is made of lightweight material and weighs just over 600 grams. Its dual-phase pockets work as both pockets and vents and adjust according to your preferences. It also features a hood that is easy to adjust and fits comfortably.

The jacket is a versatile piece for hiking and backpacking. Its hood and large front pocket are excellent features for keeping you comfortable on long walks or hikes. The jacket has plenty of pockets and a zipped map pocket to store valuables.