Samsung Z Fold 2 Review


Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Z Fold 2, has a lot to offer. Its Multi-active window mode and AccuWeather app are among its many features. It also has an excellent battery life, making it a perfect option for travelers. It also offers an impressive range of software and features, including Instagram and Facebook.

Multi-active window mode

Multi-active window mode on the Samsung Z Fold 2 lets you view two or more apps at once. The feature is limited to models that support the edge panel. It allows you to switch between two or more apps with ease. Additionally, you can create App Pairs with three or more apps.

You can move two or more apps to the top and bottom of the screen by using the arrows at the bottom of the screen. Then, select an App pair and save it in the system. Then, you can add more apps to the pair by dragging. If you want to open three or more apps at once, you can use the three-dot icon in the center of the screen.

You can also set up the app to remain active even when you close the app. Google Maps is an example of an app that can remain open when the cover screen is closed. You can find the option under Display > Continue Apps on Cover Screen. Toggle the option for the apps you wish to continue running when you close the app.


There is a problem with AccuWeather on the Samsung Z Fold 2. The weather app is designed to run on a regular tablet and does not recognize the fold-out second screen. As a result, the app opens on the middle of the screen. Another app that doesn’t work on the Fold 2 is HBO Max, which isn’t compatible with the Z Fold 2. And Instagram, which is notorious for its inability to adapt to different screens, isn’t available on the Z Fold 2.

For more detailed weather information, users can upgrade to the AccuWeather Premium app. While it is free to download, it includes ads. Buying a subscription to AccuWeather Premium removes the ads and enables real-time alerts.


Samsung’s latest foldable phone is the Galaxy Z Fold 2. As the name suggests, it folds in half, with the extra space used for a larger screen. But the Instagram app doesn’t work well on it – the aspect ratio of the screen makes it look very weird. Samsung’s answer to the problem is to introduce a new feature in the Settings menu, called Samsung Labs, which forces the apps to fit the aspect ratio of the screen. However, this feature is still experimental and may not work as expected.

Battery life

The battery life of the Samsung Z Fold 2 is very good, and it is up there with the best among folding smartphones. This smartphone is loaded with features and offers a great user experience. However, it costs more than the Note 20 Ultra. It is not cheap, and the battery life is another factor that consumers need to consider. The Z Fold 2 has a relatively modest battery capacity of 4,500mAh, which is a modest increase from the 4,380mAh in the original Fold. However, it is still more than sufficient for an average day’s usage.

The screen refresh rate on the Samsung Z Fold 2 is a high 120Hz. This means that the phone can handle more than one app at a time. This means that you don’t need to worry about the screen being too blurry. In addition, the screen is covered with an Ultra Thin Glass, which protects it from scratches.

Cover display

The Samsung Z Fold 2 retains the 6.2-inch HD+ cover display and 7.6-inch QXGA+ 120Hz foldable display. The latter is slightly wider when unfolded and less narrow when in the cover mode. The aspect ratio plays an important role in usability. The other differences include improved brightness and power efficiency, and a more durable display.

Although the screen is larger than the original Fold, it remains small enough to be held in one hand when closed. The 6.2-inch Cover Display is a meaningful improvement over the original Fold, which had a screen that felt like a thick black bezel, which made it difficult to read text. Still, you may have trouble typing on it. It is possible to swype, but it feels cramped.