Stanley Fatmax tape measure features and benefits


If your job involves using a tape measure and if those measurements need to be accurate, then you know how important it is to have a quality tape measure you can trust and be confident in. You would also understand how difficult your average tape measure is to use when you are alone and have to reach the tape out to a distance to place the clip on the edge of whatever you are measuring. The video bends and can be difficult to hook on, making a simple job difficult and frustrating. If you’ve ever had these difficulties with your tape measure, you need to read on and discover the features and benefits of Stanley Fatmax tape measures.

The reach

As we mentioned, one of the most frustrating jobs with a measuring tape is measuring the distance of a wall on your own. The video goes out for a short distance before it starts to flex and twist before bending in half and making the measuring almost impossible alone. However, the Stanley Fatmax measuring tape is more comprehensive, giving the blade a more enormous curve, making it stronger and able to reach a much longer distance without collapsing. For this reason alone, it outshines other measuring tapes, except it goes one further by having a Mylar polyester covering, so the printed numbers and lines remain on the blade. The accuracy of these measurements is to the tiniest degree, and you can use them with the confidence of the Stanley brand of tools.

The outer

The ABS high-impact cases of the Fatmax measuring tapes are worksite durable with a slip-resistant cushion grip. With a broader blade comes a wider point to hold it. You may think this will make it more uncomfortable and awkward, but the little it does affect it is outweighed by the benefits of the wider blade.

The lock

Another improvement Stanley has made to its measuring tapes is the locking device. With your older tape measure, when you reached the distance you wanted, you had to push the lockdown with your thumb to hold the tape. These work on the opposite principle. To pull the tape out you must keep the lockdown and release it when you want the measuring video to stop. This prevents the tape accidently closing and flicking back at you. They have also added another side to the clip that you use to hook the video onto an edge. Now you can easily use your measuring tape above or below aboard. For more information, you can contact the team at RS.

The Stanley Fatmax measuring tapes are in league with the features and benefits they give the user. Being able to use them when you’re alone makes them valuable for any small builder, fabricator, carpenter, or whoever. Their ergonomic design and their accuracy make them your right choice. For quality measuring and tapes, try RS today.

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