The Best IT Companies in Fresno


Fresno is the fifth-largest city in California and is situated near its geographic center, only 60 miles south of Yosemite National Park.

Fresno’s economy is primarily supported by large-scale agriculture production. Additionally, there is a vibrant tech community in Fresno and Central California.

Bitwise Cowork

Bitwise Cowork offers a convenient, local workspace for individuals, teams, and small businesses with all the productivity-boosting amenities of a downtown office without the expensive price tag.

Tech startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers looking for a comfortable, professional workspace will find this solution ideal. The space offers individual desks, group work tables, whiteboards, private meeting rooms, and an on-site community kitchen with complimentary specialty coffee drinks.

In 2017, this space was renovated for a fraction of the cost of traditional office leasing, providing lower-cost options to downtown commuters and an opportunity to create an informal community of coworkers with similar interests.

Bitwise Industries is a mission-driven company that builds bridges between humans from marginalized communities, stories of systemic poverty, and the skillsets necessary to access opportunities in the tech industry. Through public-private partnerships, it offers paid apprenticeships to students to learn tech skills, connects them to meaningful employment opportunities in this space, and builds vibrant buildings in underserved cities to house its workers.


Fresno boasts some of the top IT companies in America. These businesses provide various solutions to help your business flourish, from virtual office services to cloud computing tools.

Google Workspace could be an ideal solution if you’re a freelancer or small business owner. This online productivity suite provides various apps for communication, collaboration, teamwork, email management, and security – all under one roof!

You can access the service from any computer with an internet connection. Your files are stored securely online and automatically backed up, ensuring they’re always accessible.

Recently, the platform introduced a series of enhancements designed to make it even more helpful for remote workers. These include document sharing and previewing in chat without opening them in a new browser window.

Innovation Cluster

The Central Valley is rapidly becoming one of the nation’s fastest-growing tech hubs, thanks to Innovation Cluster in Fresno. This top IT company helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into realities.

The company’s location and established relationships within the cluster give them unique access to technology, components, and machinery that would be hard to source elsewhere. This capacity to adapt rapidly to market needs and trends helps them avoid costly product development cycles while hastening their innovations.

To effectively manage their innovation strategy, hub enterprises must cultivate conscious and beneficial interactions with partner firms within the industry cluster, connecting their knowledge, technology, relationships, and various heterogeneous resources for complementarity through sharing. Furthermore, hub enterprises must lead by example by producing both STI-mode and DUI-mode innovations that improve local industry cluster performance.

Famous Software

Famous Software offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to businesses to help them manage their finances and streamline operations. It also provides business intelligence and warehouse management software. Established in 1975 in Fresno, California, the company is headquartered there today.

The company provides software solutions for medium to large produce growers, packers, shippers, distributors, and wholesalers. Its products are Windows/Oracle-based and include accounting, inventory management, business intelligence, and warehouse management systems.

Famous Software is a leader in producing industry traceability software. It was the first vendor to support pallet tag inventory, which became the standard for Wal-Mart and Albertsons traceability compliance requirements. Furthermore, Famous Software introduced RFID tagging in 2006.