Tomodachi Game Season 2 Review


Tomodachi Game is an anime psychological series written and illustrated by Yuki Sato that has captured many viewers. Airing exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, Tomodachi Game can be found every Sunday at 8:30 pm ET/PT.

When money raised for their class trip is stolen, their friendship is tested, and each must choose between feelings and greed.

Yuichi Katagiri

Yuichi Katagiri is a high school student who prioritizes friendship over money. Although living with his mother and working part-time to cover costs, he makes time to befriend all his classmates despite money problems, often reminding his peers to put relationships before everything else. After an incident occurs, however, Yuichi finds himself involved in paying off debts, testing his friendship bonds.

In its first season, Tomodachi Game anime managed to capture most of the tension and creepy vibes found in manga’s mind games; the story’s pacing was excellent, and the characters’ manic movements were entertaining to watch; however, better portrayal of character emotions may have improved this show further.

The second season of Tomodachi Game is set to debut sometime around 2021 and will likely cover the final games before Adult Tomodachi Game begins, revealing who the real traitor is and introducing new characters.

Manga has proven immensely popular across North America,, and there have been various fan-made scanlation projects of Tomodachi Game manga; however, its publisher has not yet made an official English translation available. Due to its massive success, there has been increasing demand for its sequel, though creators have not officially given any release dates for Tomodachi Game Season 2. Fans eagerly anticipate season 2’s arrival!

Shiho Sawaragi

Katagiri Yuichi, who prizes friendship above all else, lives an idyllic life with Sawagiri Shiho, Mikasa Tenji, Shibe Makoto, and Kokorogi Yutori – until they find themselves drawn into a game known as Tomodachi to pay off debts incurred from gambling debts. Their friendship will be put through its paces while playing each game consecutively until all is revealed to be well…

The first season ended dramatically when four friends were forced into competing in a fourth game. Maria revealed to Makoto that his father had died, leaving him with a 500 million yen debt that must be settled financially or interpersonally. While Makoto pondered these options before sleeping off for the night, Yuuichi awakened him by telling them they must uncover all truth before moving forward with anything else.

Fans eagerly await Tomodachi Game season 2, yet its return remains unpredictable. Yuki Sato’s manga series spans 20 volumes, providing enough material for several seasons of Tomodachi Game to continue airing; however, Okuruto Noboru usually does not produce sequels for its works, and therefore, it seems unlikely that their production committee would grant another season for Tomodachi Game.

Tenji Mikasa

Tenji Mikasa, one of Yuichi’s classmates, is a top student with excellent communication and mediation skills, known for being calm in his approach and good at mediating negotiations and conflicts. He harbors romantic feelings for Shiho while being known for being honest – traits which earned Tomodachi Game critical and audience approval during its debut season, leading many to crave its sequel!

After season one, Yuuichi, Shiho, Makoto, and Kokorogi’s class trip money is stolen, forcing them to participate in an unusual game to repay their friends’ debts – winning which will allow them to go on their field trip – but things may not turn out exactly as planned!

A group must convince every class member to contribute money directly or risk losing it all. Furthermore, no funds can be obtained through other channels – making this an arduous task that strains student relationships.

After much confusion, Maria informs Makoto that his father has recently passed away and left behind an inheritance of 500 Million Yen debt for him to pay off. Audience members then speculate as they watch whether Tenji and Yutori will prioritize money over friendship.

Makoto Shibe

Yuichi’s friend joins him in participating in the Game. He grew up wealthy due to his father’s political career, with an easygoing and honest nature and has an affectionate interest in Shiho; they share an intelligence rating of 90; however, he can read people well but has an aggressive and sometimes cruel nature when faced with adversaries; furthermore, he harbors grudges against past friends whom he feels betrayed him and intends to use the Game as revenge on them.

Yuichi Katagiri and his four friends find themselves drawn into the Tomodachi Game under pretenses, with friendship being put to the ultimate test as they attempt to win big money in this deceptively complex competition. Participation in psychologically deceptive games proves their trust in one another. At the same time, they battle off debts incurred along the way or face dire repercussions – the impressive voice acting performances bring these characters alive, captivating audiences with Chiaki Kobayashi providing convincing voice acting of Yuichi Katagiri. In contrast, Daiki Hamano brings Tenji Mikasa with skill and depth respectively; Yume Miyamoto and Tomohiro Ono stand out among many others for their excellent renditions of Shiho Sawaragi and Makoto Shibe respectively enthrall audiences. Yume Miyamoto and Tomohiro Ono present similarly impressive voice performances when portraying Shiho Sawaragi and Makoto Shibe, respectively!

The anime has received critical acclaim and an excellent rating on MyAnimeList, yet has yet to be renewed for season 2. Several factors can impact this decision, such as the manga series’s popularity, source material availability, and financial considerations.