What Does a Workers Compensation Attorney Do?


A Fort Wayne workers compensation lawyer provides legal representation for accident victims and their families who have been injured on the job. They can also provide other forms of legal assistance to those who are pursuing claims for work-related injuries or occupational illness. Most workers’ compensation attorneys offer a free initial consultation to their clients, by phone or in person, to determine if their services are appropriate.

Here are different things a workers’ compensation attorney can do for you.

1. Gather medical evidence to prove the claim

The lawyers do this through conversations with the victim or his doctors. They are then able to gather evidence that supports their client’s injury. You will have to be prepared to provide the lawyer with any information about the accident. This includes written documentation that proves the accident happened, such as a police report or medical records to prove how severe your injury is and how long it will take to heal. They will then look at this information to help decide whether or not they are going to get involved in your case. If they do become involved, they will help you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and illness.

2. Appeal the denial of the claim

The workers’ comp lawyers are able to help victims appeal the denial of their claim. They can also help their clients appeal their cases if they think they should receive a higher payment on the compensation they have been awarded. You must have documentation, such as documents stating the time of the injury and the date of the accident, that prove that you have a work-related injury and how serious it is.

3. Negotiates a settlement for the worker

Depending on the severity of the injury, a settlement can be reached before it goes to court. A workers comp lawyer will often negotiate with their opponent’s lawyers to come to an agreement. If you can get a favorable settlement, it will allow you and your family to focus on your recovery instead of worrying about the hassle of going through a long court case.

4. Fight for your right to continue receiving the treatment you need

If you are unable to work because of your injuries, you have the right to be compensated for that time. Your lawyer can help advise on whether or not you qualify for Social Security disability benefits. They can also help you appeal the denial of these benefits.

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