What is Amazon com Used For?


Amazon utilizes its marketplace to sell products from itself and third-party sellers, helping consumers quickly locate products at competitive prices and obtain them without hassle. Amazon also provides customer support should any issues arise with them or with delivery.

Amazon strives to reduce friction between ordering a product and arriving on your doorstep, such as by purchasing robotics companies or holding competitions to make robots better at sorting packages.


Amazon Marketplace is an e-commerce platform offering excellent products, providing consumers an enhanced shopping experience and various choices at unbeatably low prices.

Customers benefit from an intuitive user interface, review systems, and product recommendations that ensure customer engagement on the platform. These features drive traffic to it and encourage more third-party sellers to join it; additionally, revenue from sales helps improve logistics networks and reduce costs further.


Amazon prides itself on offering products at unbeatably low prices, using warehouses and fulfillment centers for storage, packing, shipping, and delivery of its goods.

Amazon also partners with third-party sellers to offer buyers various buying and trading options at competitive prices. Through these agreements, the company reduces costs and passes savings onto consumers through lower prices.


Amazon is an e-commerce platform offering its products and those sold by third-party sellers. It provides shoppers with an enhanced shopping experience through an intuitive user interface, review systems, and quick delivery times.

The company also utilizes an operational model which reduces costs through network effects and marketing strategies, thus offering its customers a wide selection of products at discounted prices.


E-books are electronic versions of printed books. They can be read on dedicated e-readers like Amazon Kindle, personal computers, tablet devices, mobile phones, and game consoles.

Amazon’s expansive operating model requires vast resources to run smoothly, such as warehouses and fulfillment centers for packaging, shipping, and delivery services, and employees to manage these operations.


Amazon Prime Music offers access to over two million songs, while the more recently-launched Amazon Music Unlimited provides access to tens of millions. Both services allow you to upload and download your music for offline listening; both support lossless audio quality for enhanced experience compared with CD quality playback; Amazon Music HD includes lossless audio for increased fidelity, while Tidal goes one step further by showing songwriter credits alongside producers and other contributors.

TV Shows

Amazon provides original streaming television series through their Prime Video service, such as Forever Summer, which follows ten college-age friends as they work at a Hamptons restaurant by day and party by night. Amazon also hosts their version of Alexa virtual voice assistant and offers sci-fi Western Upload featuring Josh Brolin. Furthermore, Bosch with Titus Welliver stars, amongst others, is produced.

Health & Fitness

Amazon specializes in selling products and providing services like cloud computing, digital streaming, online auctions, and artificial intelligence. Their virtual voice assistant Alexa can assist in quickly finding what you’re searching for on the site. Still, Amazon has been accused of engaging in anticompetitive practices by unfairly treating fulfillment center employees and leaving a significant carbon footprint by transporting merchandise around the globe.