What Is Pinterest and How Can It Help Your Business?


Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board with organizational and bookmarking features, inspiring users, skill acquisition opportunities, product discovery tools, and shopping options. Businesses also utilize it as an effective platform to showcase their content and connect with potential customers.

Pinterest offers four key features, which we will examine more closely: home feed, boards, Pins, and Lens. Let’s dive in deeper.

It’s a virtual pinboard.

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that enables users to save and share images and videos known as “pins” onto virtual boards for storage and organization purposes, such as home decor projects, cooking recipes, fashion designs, or travel itineraries. Furthermore, this allows them to plan projects like home decor, food recipes, and travel itineraries more efficiently and shop directly from pins. Additionally, pins provide users with direct shopping access.

Users of Pinterest can browse content via its home feed, which displays pins from people they follow, the search bar, or creating boards to invite others to pin on; boards may be public or private.

Average Pinterest users spend 15 minutes each time they log on, providing businesses a fantastic opportunity to highlight their products and services, connect with potential customers, drive sales, and increase visibility for their offerings. Plus, Pinterest pins last, on average, 1,600 times longer than Facebook pins – making an effort worthwhile if your goal is making your profile stand out!

It’s a social network.

Pinterest is a visual discovery and planning tool that enables users to save images and videos onto virtual boards called pins. Users use Pinterest for inspiration in fashion, home decor, cooking, crafts, and health; its feature that allows people to shop directly from pins is another valuable benefit; additionally, it is a great way to share content from other websites or social media accounts.

When creating a Pinterest account, it’s essential to include an “About” section that clearly explains who and what your business are. Include keywords as appropriate while limiting blank space where possible – you could even link directly to your website!

Be creative when using hashtags to increase traffic on Pinterest – they will appear in the search bar at the top of each page and help other users discover your content. Furthermore, use the Lens feature of the Pinterest app for smartphones or the Lens feature of the Facebook camera app on smartphones to scan products or places and suggest similar items that might interest other people.

It’s a search engine.

Pinterest is a visual platform where users share and save images and videos, known as “pins,” on virtual boards. Each pin features links to websites for easy traffic drive-thrus and sales conversion. In addition, businesses can leverage Pinterest with business profiles featuring access to analytics that provide invaluable information on content performance.

Users can search content relevant to their interests using keywords, and the platform returns relevant results – for instance, if someone types in “vacation,” images and articles about travel will pop up on their screen.

Misconceptions about Pinterest often revolve around women using it and only posting wedding- and food-related content; however, any business can leverage the platform to reach a broader audience and generate leads by creating eye-catching visuals to attract their target demographics.

It’s a marketing tool.

Pinterest is a social media platform that enables users to easily create and share images and videos on virtual boards, follow other people with similar interests, and explore trends. Therefore, Pinterest can serve as an effective marketing tool for businesses.

As well as its primary home feed, Pinterest features a search bar to allow users to locate specific tags and topics quickly. Located at the top of your screen, this search tool helps narrow your search by suggesting topics like high heels, summer fashion trends, and flat shoes.

Establishing a Pinterest account is free, though you should set aside some time for setting up and adding content to it. Utilizing keywords within your profile, board titles, and descriptions is critical for ranking higher in search results; promoted pins allow you to extend content reach while driving visitors back to your website.