What You Need to Know About the Apple MacBook Air 13


Whether you are an avid computer user or simply looking for the best laptop on the market, you should check out the new Apple MacBook Air. It has the thinnest and lightest design of any notebook on the market, and it comes with the latest generation of processors and graphics cards.

Screen size jumps from 13.3 to 14.2 inches

Despite the fact that the newer model is a good machine, it’s not a must-have. For starters, the 14-inch model is not the most affordable option. A 16-inch version is a splurge machine, but it does offer improvements over the smaller brother.

The new model features a new keyboard and a slightly more impressive display. In fact, it has a notably higher resolution than the 13-inch model. The aforementioned touch-enabled display has a resolution of 254 pixels per inch, which is not bad for a MacBook. The screen also boasts a hefty 250 nits of brightness, courtesy of a new LED-backlit panel. The new model also features a full-size SD card reader, making it more than just a notebook with a touchpad.

The new model also sports a newer, more impressive graphics card. While it is not as impressive as the M1 Pro model, it still has enough pixels to display the requisite graphics. And with the M2 model, Apple has managed to keep the price down without sacrificing performance.

Touch bar

Using the Touch Bar on your Mac has its benefits, but it can also be a challenge to get used to. Here are a few things to know about the Touch Bar on your MacBook Air 13.

The Touch Bar is an optional accessory on your Mac. It is located on top of your keyboard. It provides access to frequently used emojis and app buttons. It is also useful for unlocking your Mac.

The Touch Bar also acts as a trackpad. It is also customizable. You can customize your Touch Bar to match the specific tasks that you need it for. The buttons change depending on what app is in the foreground. It is also possible to hide the Control Strip so that you can only see the Touch Bar.

Webcam video quality

Having a quality webcam is essential to conducting a virtual meeting, recording video, or creating content on your desktop. While you can’t customize your MacBook’s built-in camera, you can improve its performance by installing third-party software. If you’re looking for the best quality video, you may want to consider an external camera. You can use Webcam Settings to adjust your camera’s exposure, zoom, and focus.

The new MacBook Pro models are available with 1080p front-facing cameras. This is a major improvement over the 720p cameras found on older models. However, the quality of the images is still mediocre. The cameras are still not comparable to the quality of third-party 1080p webcams.

In addition to the improved camera, Macbook users can improve their video streaming experience with the help of Webcam Settings. You can adjust your camera’s exposure, zoom, contrast, and other settings.

Build quality

Despite the fact that the MacBook Air 13 is not a new computer, it still has the great build quality and a sturdy chassis. However, there are some noticeable changes between the M1 and M2 models. For one thing, the screen has been made larger vertically. Another change is the shape of the bezels.

As a result of the changes, the screen corners have been rounded and the bezels are now trimmed. Moreover, the bottom panel of the MacBook Air has a sloping edge. This is a little bit of a problem, as the panel hooks onto the body. This is especially true for the back panel, as it is a lot more difficult to remove it because of the way it connects.

The keyboard of the MacBook Air is comfortable to use and offers adequate travel. The trackpad is also good, with excellent scrolling and palm rejection. In addition, the trackpad also offers gesture support. The laptop’s hinge is sturdy and feels stable, as well.


Using the MacBook Air as our test subject we put this portable computing powerhouse through its paces. From removing the bottom panel to swapping out the battery, our experts found the machine to be a challenging workhorse. But the most challenging part was the unenviable task of replacing the top-end i7 processor. While the laptop has a lot going for it, its lack of upgradeability is a drawback. Its only replacement parts are the motherboard and the battery.

The MacBook Air is a good buy for school or business. Its large, responsive touchpad is a treat for touch users. While it has a sluggish GPU, its bright display and comfortable keyboard make it a solid choice for productivity on the go. With an attractive rose gold or space gray color option, this machine is a winner in a crowded marketplace.