Who is a Selling Agent?


Selling agents (or buyer’s agents) represent prospective homebuyers through the real estate transaction. While both types of agents sound similar, each plays an essential part in property sales that should be recognized. The Amazing fact about buyers agent broker Sydney.

Although it is technically possible for one agent to serve as a listing and buying agent, this practice is generally frowned upon in real estate.

The role of a selling agent

Homeownership represents one of the most significant financial transactions many individuals will ever take part in, yet its complexity can often make it hard for people to comprehend. A common source of confusion among real estate professionals is between listing agent and selling agent terminology – something often misunderstood when discussing real estate sales transactions.

Seller’s agents, commonly called real estate brokers or professionals, work exclusively for people selling their homes. They assist in preparing, advertising, and overseeing every aspect of a real estate transaction for their client.

Real estate agents that serve buyers and sellers may provide dual agency, which is usually frowned upon in the industry due to its inherent difficulties for each agent in simultaneously fulfilling both roles while upholding fiduciary responsibilities to both.

Choosing a selling agent

A good agent will assist in setting an affordable listing price, advise on which home repairs have the most outstanding value, and alert you of potential roadblocks early. They should also know how to screen offers and verify buyers’ financing – when interviewing agents, be sure to request a comparative market analysis (CMA) of your property against nearby sales; once complete, consider how their style and communication preferences fit with your plans for selling during holidays or busy seasons such as spring.

If you need help getting started, use Streeteasy’s Expert Match to receive personalized recommendations for up to three top agents who can best meet your needs. Access it via your Owner Dashboard or our Concierge for sellers, then review each agent’s profiles and track records to determine who has experience meeting those criteria. Furthermore, ask each candidate for references from past clients, then discuss any experiences working together during conversations.

The role of a buyer’s agent

Buyer’s agents assist buyers in finding homes that best suit their needs, negotiate pricing and contract terms, recommend home inspectors and mortgage lenders as needed, and assist with finding inspection services, appraisers, and mortgage lenders.

An effective buyer’s agent must possess an in-depth knowledge of homes within their region and market niche, including trends and prices, as well as amenities likely to appeal to potential homebuyers.

Searching for properties can be daunting, so buyers’ agents assist buyers by reviewing multiple listing services and attending open houses that fit their criteria. Furthermore, they discuss market conditions and any likelihood of successful closing.

Once they find a property, buyers’ agents conduct a comparative market analysis and advise an offer price. Furthermore, they negotiate the sale while handling unexpected obstacles, such as delayed offers or price renegotiations.

The role of a listing agent

Listing agents (also called seller’s agents) represent the interests of home sellers during real estate transactions. They assist homeowners with preparing their property before selling and marketing and advertising it to prospective buyers; additionally, they help negotiate offers and closing dates on behalf of sellers.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) allows agents to establish an accurate price for the home based on current market conditions and comparable homes nearby. Furthermore, agents typically post properties on multiple Listing Services (MLS), which buyers’ agents use to find homes for their clients.

An effective listing agent is invaluable to any homeowner looking to sell their property for maximum price quickly. But before hiring one, it is vitally important that homeowners understand the distinctions between this professional and buyer’s agents to ensure they work with the appropriate individual throughout their real estate transaction.

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