Whoopee Cushion – A Classic Prank That Never Goes Out of Style


Flatulence humor has long been used as an effective form of practical jokes. One early instance was during the third-century Roman emperor Elagabalus’ use of inflatable animal bladders slipped under chairs as dinner guest seats to make his guests uncomfortable and embarrass them further.

Haversat reports that employees of the Jem Rubber Company began producing whoopee cushions around 1930 when they approached Sam Adams (founder of S.S. Adams Company – known for joy buzzers and jumping snakes). Unfortunately, Adams declined their purchase offer.

It’s a practical joke.

Whoopee Cushion pranks have long been a timeless hit among fart jokes. No matter your experience or skill level, they never fail to bring uncontrollable laughter and provide joyous entertainment for all around them. Just squeeze away for maximum effects; even the most sophisticated of victims will likely fall for this clever deception!

Whoopee cushions are an amusing, practical joke device used for imitating human flatulence. Also referred to as farting bags, pooting cushions, windy blasters, or Razzberry Cushions – whoopee cushions make great additions to any joke kit!

Air can be blown into its flapped opening to inflate it, with some models needing an external pump while others self-inflate. When an unsuspecting victim sits down on it, they’ll produce an audible fart sound – an unforgettable way to surprise friends or family members!

Whoopee cushions can be used to play pranks on people in various ways. From hiding it under a couch pillow or placing it on someone’s chair, pranksters can use these whoopee cushions to watch an unsuspecting victim react as they sit down – an effective way to relieve stress while creating an entertaining atmosphere!

JEM Rubber Company in Canada first created the Whoopee Cushion in 1930 and marketed it as “Whoopee Cushion,” featuring retro printing that read, “When anyone sits down it emits – a Bronx cheer!” Though new technologies have replaced this classic gag, people of all ages continue to appreciate its hilarious antics – adding it as part of any prankster’s arsenal is sure to provide laughs for years!

It’s a rib-cracking rumbler.

Whoopee cushions are an irresistibly comical classic gag that emits realistic fart noises when someone sits on it – perfect for embarrassing friends and family with authentic fart sounds that will make even the most reserved person blush! Pranksters will enjoy using this rubber-like novelty as part of their arsenal to pull an unforgettable joke on someone.

Kaylee Ditto of TikTok made headlines recently when she used a whoopee cushion to embarrass her son at a department store, going viral with over 8.4 million views and 2 million likes on TikTok. Kaylee’s video became viral as soon as its reaction from her son was priceless! The video amassed 8.4 million views with 2 million likes!

The whoopee cushion has long been a timeless practical joke that has endured for centuries. Although its exact origin remains unclear, some believe medieval jesters turned pig bladders into flatulence simulators to create the classic whoopee cushion of today. First produced commercially by JEM in Toronto, Canada, during the 1930s as an April Fools’ Day joke; today, its modern rubber counterpart can be found around many homes and has come to be known by various names, including farting bag, pooping cushion, or windy blaster.

This whoopee cushion was made to look like the iconic poop emoji and will be sure to embarrass friends and family! Small enough to tuck under any chair or seat cushion, it makes an ideal prank for anyone who enjoys teasing others. Crafted from high-quality rubber for optimal sound reproduction and featuring realistic fart sound capabilities, plus with its convenient carrying handle, it’s easily transported between pranks.

It’s a classic.

A whoopee cushion is an age-old joke that will remain stylish forever. Perfect as a gag gift on any special occasion, its realistic tooting sound will have your friends and family blushing in amusement. It’s also great as an interactive game to play with kids: hide behind chairs until someone sits down – then let the air escape when someone sits down!

The whoopie cushion was first developed by JEM Rubber Company of Canada in 1930. At first, it featured a green wooden mouth, but gradually, it has evolved into its current pink, obscene-sounding form – one of the world’s most beloved toys and an integral part of April Fools Day festivities. While some believe its origin lies in medieval courts where jesters used pig bladders as flatulence simulators, its trustworthy source lies within comedy history itself.

Whoopee cushions are an indispensable addition to every prankster’s arsenal. Easy to use and fun for multiple uses, there is even an assortment of shapes and colors to choose from! Whoopee cushions make great additions for family gatherings, parties, and breaking the ice at work.

Ja-Ru Inc. has created an elegant spin on the traditional whoopee cushion that will leave friends and family laughing! Their poop-shaped cushion can easily be hidden under seats to prank friends and family alike; plus, it comes with three pillows so that multiple people can be embarrassed at once! Indeed, any classic joke will do, making everyone laugh in no time at all! A great present idea for Schylling lovers who will appreciate its timeless design!

It’s a prank.

Dolly Parton’s breast implants and the Whoopee Cushion are two timeless items; each can bring joy to their victims whenever they sit down to hear an embarrassing fart! There are other ways of amusing friends and family, but the Whoopee Cushion makes an excellent starting point.

This practical joke toy is composed of two sheets of rubber that have been glued together with an opening and flap at one end for air to enter and exit the cushion. A prankster can blow air into this opening to inflate it before placing the pillow on a chair for another victim to sit upon, creating noise similar to farting sounds as they sit down on it.

Similar effects can be achieved using balloons, though this method requires more care and patience from its user. Pranksters must avoid touching or touching near the balloon, or it could explode; additionally, they can hide it under furniture to maximize its effectiveness.

An alternative version of this prank involves using ammonia and match heads in combination. A prankster places two match heads into a jar filled with ammonia and closes and secures its lid with small clamps before adding matchheads that contain sulfur into it to produce ammonium sulfide gas, which smells of rotten eggs when combined with ammonia. With this gas produced, fill a whoopee cushion full of the gas, then place it under someone’s chair, causing them to create fart sounds when someone sits downs on it!

Fozzie was known for using whoopee cushions as part of his antics on The Muppet Show, often boasting about having the most extensive collection in the Western hemisphere. Kermit was not impressed, however. This trick featured in several Muppet Show episodes such as “Nice to Have Gnome You” and “The Swamp of Whoopie.”

It’s a fun giveaway.

Whoopee cushions provide endless entertainment. Blown up with air, these whoopee cushions produce a loud sound similar to flatulence that will get everyone talking! Perfect for office pranks and party tricks as well as stress relief, whoopee cushions make great presents for children and teenagers.

Give away these promotional event giveaways at trade shows or promotional events to help promote your business and brand, featuring customizable inserts with your logo or message. They’re great fundraising tools, as well as unique mailings. Additionally, these items make great additions to gift baskets as well as being popular among high school sports booster clubs.

Whoopee cushions are classic prank gags that make an excellent giveaway in novelty shops and recreation centers, sure to bring smiles to the faces of unsuspecting customers. Easy to use: blow air into them to inflate! These versatile whoopee cushions come in an array of colors and styles designed to fit into any setting or theme!

This funny prank will delight both your customers and employees alike! Perfect as a fun giveaway on any occasion, this whoopee cushion comes in multiple colors to make an impression and promotional statement about your business. Custom imprint options let your audience see your logo prominently displayed! Available as part of any promotion campaign.