A Plywood Shop Near Me in Kolkata


Nilkamal Furniture offers all your wooden furniture needs at unbeatably reasonable prices, featuring trendy yet quality products made with only premium materials that come complete with lifetime warranties.

Majhi Para Road, Panchanan Tola in Nabapally, is 3.17 kilometers from Tolly Ganj railway station.


Greenply plywood brand in India is one of the most renowned interior infrastructure products available today, boasting a diversified portfolio that includes plywood, block boards, decorative veneers, and flush doors. Their products have long been utilized throughout homes, offices, and other commercial structures across India, with widespread usage across multiple vertical markets – homes, offices, and even soundproofed commercial properties using Greenply products! Furthermore, this brand also provides soundproofing products.

Greenply brand plywood is an excellent option for anyone searching for high-quality plywood at a competitive price. Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, and known for their exceptional customer service, their knowledgeable staff members can answer any queries about their products and assist in finding one suitable to their individual needs.

This esteemed company is well-renowned for producing superior plywood and other wood products, using innovative manufacturing processes and technology. Their product lines include waterproof plywood and fireproof panels – making choosing what’s perfect for you more accessible than ever – along with laminates to meet any design aesthetic.

At its MR grade of plywood, India Plywood stands out as an industry leader, perfect for everything from wardrobe construction to cabinet boxes. Their innovative technology has propelled them to the top spot on the Indian market, and they pride themselves on adhering to environmental sustainability and community development practices in running their factories – employing over 1000 individuals.

This company boasts an expansive distribution network in India and is widely recognized for its quality products. Their birch plywood is durable and versatile; their PureBond technology uses formaldehyde-free glues, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious projects. Furthermore, their pf-bonded plywood boasts more layers and fewer voids than regular birch plywood, giving it greater strength.

Greenply plywood offers the ideal product to meet your home building and renovation needs, whether new construction or renovations to existing properties. Crafted with layers of veneer held together by resin glue, its strength makes it the ideal material for the music industry, as its heat and sound insulation properties make it highly heat resistant and soundproof.


Ecotec is a globally recognized manufacturer of industrial battery chargers and other power conversion equipment, providing world-class battery charging solutions at energy-efficient levels for material handling equipment manufacturers, warehouse distributors, OEMs, lift truck dealers, and OEMs worldwide. Headquartered in Panihati, West Bengal (India).

General Motors used the Ecotec name for its Family II, Family 1, and Family 0 engine lines. However, unlike Ford Ecoboost engines or Honda’s i-VTEC or AVTEC engines that utilize variable valve timing technology, Ecotec engines from General Motors did not feature variable valve timing technology.

Plywood is an engineered wood product composed of interlocked sheets of different wood that have been bound together using resin glue, making for a lightweight yet sturdy structure that can be painted or stained to match any decor – plus, there is an assortment of finishes ranging from glossy to matte!

Tradeindia makes locating quality Pine Plywood in Kolkata easy using their trusted seller search. Browse 104 options from verified sellers in the city, such as Termite And Moisture Resistant Rectangular Shaped Plywood Board and Green Ecotec Plywood at their current price – you could also take advantage of special bulk discounts!

Green Club 5 Hundred

Green Club 5 Hundred from Greenply is an iconic product providing superior furniture protection from accidental damage. Boasting zero-emission properties, antibacterial qualities, and an impressive 500% lifetime warranty, Green Club 5 Hundred guarantees protection from accidental or intentional mishaps to keep you and your investment safe.

Before selecting a plywood product for your home, you must understand all available varieties. This will enable you to make informed decisions and obtain maximum value from your money. Greenply provides numerous products, such as Green Platinum, Club Plus 700, Green Optima G MR& BWP MR& BWR, and Green Ndure, which can all be found at Unibuildmart for great prices.

Green Platinum

Green Platinum is a plywood manufacturer offering various varieties of wood that meet the needs of homeowners and contractors alike. Their products are tailored specifically for these audiences by only using high-quality wood with no chemical adhesives used during production – helping preserve the environment while simultaneously decreasing waste generated from production and recycling materials whenever possible.

As its flagship products, the company offers eight to nine varieties of Green MR plywood – including Green Optima G, Club Plus 700, and Ecotec. It comes in various thicknesses and sizes to meet marine-grade criteria and comes standard in thicknesses of 0.13″. They also provide block boards.

Alongside producing plywood, the company also manufactures decorative laminate and veneer. As an efficient and reliable organization with offices throughout India, their products have earned widespread praise for their high quality and durability, earning a rating by the CII as GreenCo Platinum Rated product.

Greenply’s latest offering is a fire retardant and waterproof plywood with a 30-year warranty, made of southern yellow pine filler that meets E0 emissions standards and features the PEN technology that keeps layers together. Ideal for wardrobes and kitchen cabinets alike, this product even outshines FR-grade plywood in strength with silky smooth finishes that meet E0 emission regulations – making it one of the longest-lived products on the market!