Amazing Grace Perfume


Philosophy launched Amazing Grace perfume in 1996 to inspire an inner beauty experience, and it has since been their best-selling, gender-neutral fragrance. Learn the best info about perfume gift sets.

The Eau de parfum stays true to its classic floral and feminine DNA while adding greater intensity and staying power. This new version boasts an abundance of pink notes, including juicy red berries, sustainably sourced rose absolute from Grasse and our signature soft musk fragrance.

Bergamot essential oil’s citrusy fragrance is instantly appealing. Its use in perfumes and colognes has made it one of the most widely utilized essential oils, while food flavoring, medicinal uses, and skin care products also benefit significantly from bergamot essential oil use. You can purchase pure bergamot essential oil from retailers that specialize in natural wellness products for optimal results; always opt for high-quality essential oil and test its safety on yourself first to prevent an allergic reaction from developing.

Bergamot is a spiny fruit grown on the tropical climate-adapted Bergamia tree and cultivated for its fragrant oil. To extract this oil, the orange-colored fruit’s rind is cold-pressed for fragrance extraction, creating its distinct citrus scent similar to lemon or bitter orange. Once mixed with other oils, it forms a fresh yet slightly sharp aroma perfect for use as part of light fragrance combinations such as those found in floral fragrances like lily and rose, making it the ideal fragrance choice for women seeking light, fresh scents.

Billie Holiday’s life and music inspired this fragrance. It begins with the refreshing, uplifted scent of bergamot and moves onto floral notes like green leaves, Neroli, gardenia, and ylang-ylang before finishing up with coconut milk, sandalwood, and vetiver to form an irresistible warming blend that is sure to leave an everlasting impression.

Bergamot oil has long been used as a powerful antidepressant, proven to alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress levels, as well as help combat insomnia and boost energy levels. Furthermore, it’s been demonstrated to fight insomnia while increasing energy levels and fighting insomnia. Moreover, it can even act as an insect repellent by mixing a few drops of water in a spray bottle to spray on clothing or body and stop bugs from biting you!

Freesia flower fragrance has long been revered in perfumery. Its sweet fragrance has long been believed to have a beneficial impact on mood and emotions, making it the ideal way to show affection towards friends and family. Furthermore, freesia has long been associated with relieving stress; therefore, it is an excellent choice when seeking fragrances designed to relax wearers.

The freesia belongs to the Iris family and hails from South Africa. Its vibrant flowers come in an array of colors, making it a popular choice for bouquets. Each stem produces one-sided spikes that carry from 5-8 blooms at any given time.

Freesias are easy to grow in different climates and make a beautiful addition to any garden or container garden. They are also popular cut flowers often seen in bouquets, floral arrangements, and perfumes.

Perfumers often draw inspiration from the freesia flower when creating feminine fragrances, using its aroma as an ingredient to craft delicate yet fresh aromas. Perfumers combine this olfactory accord with other scents to recreate its unique profile, often using floral notes such as jasmine, magnolia, and lily of the valley in addition to fruity accords like bergamot and citrus to increase its refreshing scent.

Antonia’s Flowers by IFF is an excellent floral freesia perfume. It features freesia combined with jasmine, magnolia flowers, lily of the valley, and subtle fruity notes. The perfume is available in 50 ml and 100 ml EDT versions, as well as purse perfume, lotion, and soap products.

Jasmine, a delicate yet captivating flower, makes an exquisite grace perfume. It is often combined with gardenia and rose for a sweetly romantic bouquet that smells sweetly sweet. Bridal scents usually feature jasmine because its fragrance inspires feelings of love and desire—an added benefit is that it is the unofficial state flower of Hawaii, where leis are made using jasmine stems!

Unique Grace perfume is composed of a blend of oils, including jasmine oil, to create an everlasting and luxurious aroma. Formulated for easy absorption by skin cells, its long-term smell will stay with you throughout the day.

Jasmine sambac refers to the fragrant flowers from a tropical plant widely cultivated for their sweet, heady scent. This twining vine produces clusters of pure white blooms whose fragrance fills entire rooms. Although native to Asia, jasmine sambac has become a beloved garden and landscape staple across much of the world.

Olive trees belong to the olive family, and there are over 200 species in existence today. Many thrive tropically, but some also reside in warmer temperate regions.

Night-scented jasmine is the most commonly encountered form, blooming during the evening with an exquisite fragrance. This scent comes from molecules of indole and methyl dihydro jasmonate found in various plants, making its signature fragrance unique to jasmine. Thought to have originated in ancient Egypt, its popularity spread throughout the Middle East and India as early as 1000 BCE; many traditional medicines utilize its power as an aphrodisiac.

Rose wines have experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity recently, from dry and bold styles to sweeter and lighter-bodied ones. There is truly something for every palate when it comes to Rose; from dry and bold varieties through sweeter styles – there’s one out there that fits. Rose wines have quickly become the drink of choice at brunches, picnics, and BBQs, as well as cocktail parties, wedding receptions, or for relaxing bubble bathing! There are a few reasons for Rose’s rise – such as pairing perfectly with lighter foods like pasta and salads while pairing beautifully with heartier meats and cheeses, as well as being highly photogenic, perfect for Instagram likes!

Ballet Rose Eau de Parfum was introduced as part of Philosophy’s Pure Grace collection in 2017. This subtly sweet scent appeals to women who prefer intimate fruity floral fragrances that are classically feminine, like Pure Grace Nude Rose, which captures this same feeling. Like sipping pink Champagne with delicate peach and raspberry notes blending perfectly with floral and woody accords, Ballet Rose Eau de Parfum captures that romantic feeling!

Inspired by the delicate blooming of rose petals and our iconic Pure Grace spray fragrance, this airy rose scent exudes effortless simplicity in a stunning composition. A luminous blush rose combines with soothing, powdery notes from Neroli and vibrant orange flowers while being wrapped up by cedarwood and sun-kissed musk for an exquisite scent experience that will remain with those who encounter it. A delicate yet dreamy fragrance experience sure to leave an impactful, lasting impression!

Although musk may appear heavy as a fragrance ingredient, it’s actually relatively light compared to its appearance. This property helps it work in so many perfumes by creating soft textures and musky aromas that blend well with other scents. Musk is often used as a base note that extends the duration of different scents on the skin.

Musk can be classified as either a warm or cool fragrance, depending on its source. Natural musk comes from animal secretions, such as those produced by deer, ox, and cat species, making it very rare and expensive due to its scarce availability. Musk begins as an unpleasant-smelling brown substance soaked in ethanol for months or years and then refined until we experience its familiar scent today.

Today’s perfume makers use synthetic molecules that mimic the scent of musk instead. One such synthetic molecule is muscone, which is found in various products, from laundry detergent to perfumes. Other famous musks include galactoside (with fresh and powdery notes), versatile with woody notes, ambrettolide or ethylene brassy-late, which both feature fruity notes reminiscent of ambrette seed oil, versatile with fresh floral scents, and ambretolide/ethylene brassy-late, which features fresh fragrances similar to ambrette seed oil.

Due to humane treatment concerns regarding musk deer and other animals, some companies no longer utilize animal-derived products in their perfumes. Instead, others have switched to different synthetic types, like polycyclic musk, which has a light fragrance with soft feel qualities. It is often combined with amber, bergamot, or geranium to give perfumes a distinctive feminine aroma.

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