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Allied offers construction services, including asphalt paving. In addition, excavation and material aggregate services are also provided to its clients throughout the United States. Best way to find the Asphalt companies Lexington.

After hearing the Village’s motion for a rule to show cause, the circuit court ruled that Allied was operating its Hillside asphalt plant contrary to the Consent Decree.

Asphalt Plants

Asphalt plants are essential to successful road construction. Used to combine aggregates with bitumen to form blacktop mixes that can then be laid on roadways, asphalt plants are preferred over concrete due to their more remarkable ability to adapt to temperature variations and quicker curing times, being non-toxic in soil and recyclable, making asphalt construction a more eco-friendly alternative than concrete roadbuilding.

The two primary types of asphalt plants are batch and drum plants. While batch plants are ideal for smaller projects, drum plants can continuously produce large volumes of asphalt. Both options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to choose the appropriate one for your particular task.

Allied Asphalt maintains four asphalt plants strategically situated throughout Chicagoland: Bartlett, Franklin Park, Huntley, and West Chicago in, Illinois. Each asphalt plant can produce high-quality hot mix asphalt for highways, runways, and commercial parking lots, as well as testing labs staffed with state-certified technicians.

Allied is appealing a ruling from the circuit court of Cook County that found them violating terms of a consent decree with the Village of Hillside to settle litigation over an asphalt manufacturing plant that operated illegally under both particular use permit and zoning regulations.

Testing Labs

Allied owns and operates four testing labs staffed with state-certified technicians, used for various tests on asphalt, concrete, and recycled materials like shingles and stone, led by professional engineers with decades of experience conducting laboratory testing, field inspection, and quality control on construction projects. These laboratories can perform various types of tests on these substances, as well as others like recycled plastic bottles. Allied’s four labs can conduct these tests on asphalt, concrete, and recycled materials such as recycled tires. They’re led by professional engineers overseen by a dedicated staff of materials technicians experienced in laboratory testing, field inspection, and quality control on construction projects – led professional engineers with decades of experience conducting these tests on these materials used in many construction projects – using state certified technicians explicitly trained for these purposes.

Allied maintains mobile testing units to complete material tests and inspections on job sites. Our teams use these units to assess the temperature of the asphalt mixture, inspect paving operations, and verify density – essential tests for successful project completion.

Derek brings over three decades of industry experience in the construction and maintenance of highways, airport runways, and commercial/industrial paving projects, as well as working closely with the Illinois Department of Transportation, local public agencies, the hot mix asphalt industry as well as academia to advance best practice for pavement engineering and materials science.

Matt is a NETTCP-certified bituminous asphalt field technician. He has experience on projects ranging from airport runway resurfacing, interstate highways, local roads, and mix design of HMA plants/production issues and mix design, as well as research demonstrations of GTR/FRAP and Warm Mix HMA projects.

Recycling Plants

Asphalt paving companies utilize recycled materials in many of their projects. This helps preserve the environment by reducing landfill waste and the need to import new materials. Allied has recycling plants located at four different locations as well as four testing labs; additionally, they boast over one million tons in storage capacity.

In July 1998, the Village filed a Rule to Show Cause against Allied for violating its Consent Decree by operating its “crushing plant,” used to process and recycle asphalt waste, within 400 feet south of Eisenhower Expressway – breaking both of its permitted operating distance limits as well as exceeding 26-feet stockpiling limit limits.

Crushing Plant: Reprocessed Asphalt used in Pavement ManufacturingThe crushing plant operates independently from the actual asphalt plant where new asphalt is manufactured; instead, it uses recycled asphalt from discarded pavement as raw material in new pavement production or roadway repaving projects as a substitute for crushed stone; some recycled asphalt may even be mixed with virgin materials to produce approved grades of recycled mix asphalt pavements.

At trial, the evidence demonstrated that the crushing plant is an intricate piece of machinery with numerous conveyors and parts, not self-powered or propelled, and can only be moved using a semi-tractor trailer truck. Furthermore, its wiring connects it directly to existing high-voltage power lines or generators housed nearby to perform a manufacturing process of crushing asphalt waste into new pieces of asphalt pavement.

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Since 1950, Allied Asphalt has provided high-quality Hot Mix Asphalt, Warm Mix, and Cold Patch materials as well as asphalt paving materials to customers worldwide. Allied’s four plants located in Bartlett, Franklin Park, Huntley, and West Chicago enable it to provide high-production materials for highways, runways, and parking lots across Illinois and Indiana. Allied Asphalt also operates four testing labs employing over 40 state-certified technicians and environmental staff who monitor material to meet application-specific specifications. Working in tandem with mobile recycling plants located at four locations, Allied is able to demonstrate its commitment to ecologically sound business practices by recycling recyclable construction materials such as asphalt shingles, asphalt, and concrete Pavement.

Allied Asphalt’s expertise lies in asphalt paving, highway construction, excavation and material aggregates, snow removal, and concrete construction for commercial, industrial, and residential projects in the United States. Allied Asphalt currently services clients located throughout these states.

Allied Asphalt Paving Co. Inc. was established in 1958 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. They specialize in asphalt paving, seal coating and repair services, driveway paving services, and commercial asphalt services at competitive rates. Their crews are always polite and professional. Allied’s work was completed within two days with a whole cleanup upon completion – our driveway looks absolutely fantastic, and we couldn’t be more satisfied.

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