Alpha FX Markets Review


When it comes to trading, you can choose between 88 currency pairs and cTrader to trade them. This broker does not offer the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform, however. Therefore, itoosing an online broker that offers the software you need before you begin is essential. You will also need to choose a platform that you will use to trade.

88 currency pairs

Alpha FX is a sophisticated forex broker that offers spot trading for 88 currency pairs. The company offers a customized experience and dedicated analysts for each client. Its expertise is in global payment systems, currency trading, and advanced access to the forex market. This Alpha FX review will discuss the broker’s products, trading conditions, and advantages of opening an account with them. Alpha FX has increased since its humble beginnings in London and expanded to Toronto. Despite this, it has maintained a small team of only 100 employees.

Currency pairs are made up of 15 currencies. The data set covers 1280 trading days, and 30720 hourly observations are made for each pair’s FX rate. This allows for a more manageable trading strategy. In contrast, equity trading involves thousands of currency pairs.

cTrader trading platform

The cTrader trading platform is a premium charting platform that offers advanced order types, level II pricing, ultra-fast execution, and 54 timeframes. It is also available on desktops and mobiles and supports advanced order protection. Additionally, users can use the platform for trading on the Forex, CFD, and Spread Betting markets.

The cTrader trading platform was released simultaneously with the MT5 trading platform and features more sophisticated trading tools. It is written in C#, allowing it to be programmed to handle more complicated trading tasks. It also includes an additional chart type, the dot chart. While Alpha FX does not offer copy trading, the cTrader platform has several tools designed to help traders make the most of their trading experience.


The newsfeed feature of Alpha FX Markets is a valuable tool for monitoring economic data and news events. By following this feature, users can determine the potential reactions of the market and plan their trading strategies. In addition, the newsfeed allows users to create price alerts and entity notifications, which can be executed instantly.

Alpha FX provides a free demo account that allows new users to trade without risking money. Those with extensive knowledge about the market can upgrade to a pro trading account. The pro trading account waives retail protection and charges a commission per transaction. In addition, the account features significantly lower spreads.

Trading ideas

Alpha FX is a trading platform that uses a proprietary algorithm to recommend trades. It offers trading ideas for 88 currency pairs and works with a select group of institutional firms and high-profile companies. Traders from nearly all countries can use the platform to make their money grow.

Trading hours

Alpha FX is an investment firm that offers various services, including forex trading, payment management, and more. The company focuses on a smaller number of high-value clients, with over 750 accounts in over 30 countries. The company is regulated in the UK as a matched principal broker. It is also registered with FINTRAC in Canada. Its traders have access to a proprietary trading platform that the broker has developed in-house.

Alpha Trading offers a range of CFD products and an array of traditional order types. The CFD products include currency pair trades, in which you buy or sell one currency for the price of another. These products offer deep liquidity and expert customer support. There are over 40 FX pairs available to trade.


Alpha FX is a provider of alternative banking solutions in the UK. It is licensed by the FCA as an authorized payment institution and registered with HM Revenue and Customs as a money services business. Its business is geared toward medium-sized corporates. The firm aims to provide these corporates with access to the financial markets.

The FCA and FILTRA regulate alpha FX. They must adhere to strict cybersecurity standards, limit leverage rates to 1:30 and segregate client funds from their own. This means that investors can be confident that their funds are safe. The company also abides by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Its website is designed for corporate clients and restricts access to retail traders.