Apple Car Project – 5,000 People Working on Next-Gen Car Technology


Currently, Apple Inc is researching an electric car that has yet to be publicly announced. But a report says that the company has hired over 5,000 people to work on the project.

High-profile hires from Tesla

Despite Apple’s reluctance to release details about its electric car, it’s making high-profile hires from Tesla and other automakers to develop its vehicle. The company has recruited battery, display, optics, and software engineers, among other experts, to help build the next-gen vehicle technology.

Apple’s car project is dubbed “Project Titan,” and the company has been actively building a self-driving car. While it’s been known for years, the company has never publicly announced plans for such a vehicle. However, it is believed to be working on the technology behind self-driving vehicles and could target 2024 for a fully autonomous passenger car.

The company recently hired a senior engineer from Tesla to work on the car’s autonomous driving technology. Apple also hired several industry veterans to help with the project.

Plans to build manufacturing facilities in the United States

Whether or not Apple plans to make a car, its decision opens the door to a $10 trillion global mobility market. This is a considerable sum of money that Apple could leverage to make it competitive with Tesla, which has a market share of about one-third of the mobility market.

One of the critical technologies Apple could utilize to compete with Tesla is the lidar sensor. This technology is used to create perception systems for self-driving vehicles. Apple could use its own or rely on a partner to develop the technology.

Another tech Apple could use is a solid-state battery. Foxconn has announced plans to build electric vehicle manufacturing plants in the US and Thailand next year and is working on a solid-state battery. The company also has a software platform to make automakers market models more quickly.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries

Several major international companies are now interested in lithium iron phosphate batteries for their electric cars. These batteries have many advantages and are poised to redefine the electric vehicle market.

Lithium-iron phosphate batteries canunts of energy, which makes the making energy storage systems. This also means they can help ensure a stable power supply to the vehicle. They are also environmentally friendly and have a long cycle life. In addition, they have a meager self-discharge rate, so they don’t lose energy as quickly as other batteries.

Apple has reportedly been looking for lithium iron phosphate batteries for their upcoming electric car. The company has been in talks with China’s Ningde era and BYD and is in the early stages of negotiating with them.

Seating where the passengers face each other

Sitting in an apple car would typically be arranged so that passengers face each other. The risk of a collision is higher in this situation because the rear passenger will feel the impact more strongly than the front passenger. The rear passenger will also need to navigate the wheeled objects in front of them. In addition, the front passenger might not be able to see the crotch of the passenger in front. This is why Apple has considered an unconventional seating arrangement. It could be in the middle of the vehicle, allowing a passenger to talk to other passengers.

Another idea is a trunk compartment that rises when the car is not in use. This will help reduce the force against the rear passenger. Another possible way to minimize the pressure would be to move the front seat forward in response to an impact.

Hyper-targeted climate control

Using the Apple iPhone, Apple’s engineers have been working on technology to access car functions. One of the more notable projects involves a new “smart” display that can be upgraded in real-time. Its functions include displaying directions and adjusting the seat and steering columns. Some of the cars that are on the road now sport this technology. The intelligent display can also display the user’s calendar, emails,, and text messages. Some of the top brands on the road today, such as BMW and Hyundai, already include this feature.

Another important milestone is the advent of hyper-targeted climate control. This means that the car’s heating and cooling systems can be customized to match the temperature of a particular passenger. This is an essential feature for any driver, but it’s beneficial for those in warmer climates.