Bedside Gun Safe With Wireless Phone Charger


No matter if it’s for self-defense purposes or simply peace of mind, this intelligent safe is the ideal way to keep your weapon secure and readily available when the time comes to bedtime.

Get quick and secure access with ease using fingerprint scanning, a digital keypad, or Nano Key 2.0 (sold separately). Our precision ball-bearing twin rail system deploys your drawer smoothly in seconds.

Product Specifications

The DS2i Smart Safe was created with you in mind and serves as the ideal bedside/nightstand safe. Easily store a handgun up to 9″, jewelry, small documents, wireless phone charger, and much more in its cutting edge touch display, which also displays time, temperature, and humidity as well as functions as a wireless phone charger. Furthermore, its signature anti-impact latch design, tamper detection feature, and security sleep mode ensure your firearms and valuables remain secure at all times.

Quick access is made simple using a patented RFID reader, user-programmed access code keypad, and mechanical backup key. Its elegant tempered glass front panel beautifully houses its RFID reader, clock display, and spring assist drawer, which quietly opens and slides open for your firearm and valuables. A built-in battery provides short-term power backup in case of a power outage, while the safe is UL listed as Group 2 to protect against burglary attempts. At only 79 pounds in weight, it would require significant tools to pry it open for access.

Product Warranty

Vaultek’s dedication to child gun safety has resulted in products designed to keep firearms out of the hands of children and inaccessible to anyone not authorized. Their DS2i Smart Station looks like any ordinary bedside clock, yet can store handguns up to 9″, jewelry, and personal items, and charge mobile phones wirelessly via its built-in charger – with battery backup keeping it operational even during power outages.