Giphogantic Phone Case


Giphogantic phone cases are constructed from premium materials designed to offer a non-slip grip and protect from scratches, dust, and drops. Their thin profile won’t add bulk while featuring precise cutouts for ports and buttons.

MagSafe and HaloLock accessories require powerful magnetic forces. Its inner soft lining offers an additional cushion against silicon for increased protection against any external magnetic force.


Depending upon your preferred level of phone protection, there are a range of materials from which you can choose for your case. Plastic (more specifically, PC (polycarbonate) cases tend to be durable and sturdy – an ideal combination for protecting from drops. Furthermore, PC cases are easily washable, meaning stains or smudges won’t affect their use! Other popular materials include metal and wood cases, which tend to be slightly more costly.

Complex or gel cases with straps are another popular choice, making them suitable for people who use their phones frequently in work settings or harsh environments. You can wear the case around your neck or shoulder without it falling off when moving around; its extra protection makes it the superior choice over standard soft cases.

Giphogantic phone cases that double as wallets are another popular choice. Constructed of either genuine leather or polyurethane (PU), these multifunctional cases offer convenient storage space for anywhere between one and four cards in their wallet section – perfect for keeping money, credit cards, and cash safe! Although they protect from bumps and falls well enough, these may not be MagSafe compatible and may not provide as much protection; plus, they’re often bulkier and heavier.


Giphogantic phone cases are famous due to their stylish appearance. Offering drop-proof protection with raised lips that protect both screen and camera from accidental scratches, they come in various colors to fit many phones – some even include clear back covers! Plus, they feature built-in anti-drop buffer rubber strips, which help safeguard from accidental drops!

Be mindful of your business goals when selecting a case design. Make sure it fits perfectly, without stiff button covers or cutouts that impede on its use, and with generous openings for ports and cameras that enable full use without needing to remove it first.


This case is an eye-catcher with its optional strap and detachable wallet, wireless charging capabilities (though MagSafe may not work), various backplate designs – bamboo and speckled black fabric backplate options, precise cutouts to protect sensitive buttons, subtle design to fit seamlessly with specs perfectly, precise cutouts to protect sensitive buttons – precise cutouts protect sensitive buttons; delicate design fits specs perfectly while precise cutouts protect sensitive buttons; precise cutouts protect sensitive buttons from being exposed when not in use – perfect. Though pricey, it does provide a unique style as both an attractive wrist strap or wallet while protecting its camera lens from scratches; its raised lip protects the screen from touching other surfaces, preventing unnecessary contact between surfaces and controlling it and the screen and camera from making itself unusable!