Best Friends Whenever


After an unfortunate science experiment goes awry, best friends Cyd (Landry Bender) and Shelby Marcus (Lauren Taylor) find they possess the ability to time travel – sometimes without their permission! With this power at their disposal, they use it to navigate school and friendship issues, often going back to correct mistakes made earlier or peek into what lies ahead to keep themselves on course with life.

Naldo Montoya is an engaging tritagonist who is fun-loving and ready to tackle life head-on. He’s charming when talking with women and highly reliable.

Cyd Ripley

Cyd Ripley is one of the protagonists from Best Friends Whenever, with the ability to time travel. She lives with Shelby Marcus, and they often use this power together to right wrongs or have fun exploring new experiences. Cyd is known for getting herself into trouble; her rebellious and tomboyish character often creates conflict for herself as well as for Shelby Marcus, while Cyd herself often displays a humorous and sometimes aggressive side when time traveling.

She actively participates in her school’s computer club and excels at designing websites. Additionally, she excels at making crafts and sewing and often gives relationship advice that leads to unexpected complications.

Cyd is known for her authoritarian personality, yet she is insecure about her appearance and worried about growing older, rapidly declining her self-esteem. Cyd can also be sarcastic and lazy sometimes, often acting impulsively without thinking things through. Yet Cyd always strives to be a good person who stands by the side of her best friend, whom she vigorously protects.

After her parents leave for three years, Cyd and Shelby move in together at Shelby’s house. Cyd enjoys fiddling with her mother’s inventions and one day accidentally creates a time machine – which both Cyd and Shelby want to take full advantage of! Soon after that, they become time travelers themselves, and they enjoy using this gift at will to travel backward through time together.

This show has an engaging yet straightforward narrative and promotes positive messages about friendship. Although the girls get into trouble occasionally, they always find ways to fix their mistakes and get back on track together – mainly thanks to Barry – an inventor friend who is always willing to lend assistance and expertise when necessary.

Shelby Marcus

Shelby is an enthusiastic blonde who works to keep Cyd safe. A good student, Shelby enjoys stereotypically girly activities like dressing up and accessories; she has crushes on two boys, Cameron and Naldo – although Cameron seems more attracted than Naldo at times! Shelby lives with Cyd since their parents have relocated to Peru – She also owns an energetic dog named Diesel, who gets into mischief now and then!

Cyd is always willing to lend her assistance when others need help, though sometimes her efforts go overboard. Once, as a thank-you present for Astrid and Norm’s kindness, she gave them a houseplant, which ended up setting fire. Cyd also enjoys watching Liv Rooney and Austin Moon films and can mentally travel in time by touching each other mentally and then thinking back or forth.

Shelby is an accomplished composer, musician, and experienced jazz performer, performing at venues such as the Healdsburg Jazz Festival and Yerba Buena Gardens. Shelby has composed numerous oratorios and suites, including the opera Harriet Tubman.

Though they’re best friends, they don’t always agree on everything. There have been arguments, but none that last too long; their relationship has only become more robust due to going through these experiences together.

The girls’ adventures with time travel are more entertaining than educational, though the show does contain positive messages about overcoming differences in relationships. Although suitable for young viewers, some parts may have mildly disturbing moments – for instance, a scene between Cyd and Shelby arguing over how they treat one another.

Naldo Montoya

Naldo Montoya is a brilliant but shy high school student with big plans for his future. He enjoys playing practical jokes on people and has a massive crush on Cyd Ripley; Shelby Marcus and Bret Marcus are his good friends; he even uses his Winnebago as his lab space! Finally, Diesel, the dog, makes up his small household.

Naldo is known for being helpful to others and reliable. He cares deeply for his friends, often unaware of their feelings, yet remains optimistic and believes he can achieve anything. Naldo belongs to an ENFP personality type; I use INFP instead for simplicity’s sake.

Cyd told Naldo she loved him for the first time in fourth grade, which caught him off guard and made him question whether she meant it or just wanted to bother him. However, after she teleported away, she sent pictures showing that she loved him, and he felt relieved to know this had undoubtedly been his intention.

Naldo excels as both a lab assistant and poet/singer. His words connect with others easily, creating an inviting atmosphere in any setting in which he is placed. Furthermore, his knowledge of science and technology assists his career considerably.

Naldo and Cyd have an adorable relationship and have become known as the “Cyldo.” Their deep connection allows them to spend quality time together; their playful flirtiness shows signs of having feelings for each other; at times, they even kiss publicly in front of Barry and Shelby!

Bret Marcus

Bret Marcus has earned numerous accolades throughout his long and distinguished musical career as a respected musician and devoted family man. Specifically, his work in Poison earned him fame; his solo work also won him many fans. Furthermore, his successful business endeavors and extensive philanthropic activities include supporting TheraSurf, Life Rolls On, and The Heart Foundation.

The series revolves around Shelby and Cyd, two best friends whose lives are altered when an experiment performed by Barry (an aspiring scientist) goes awry, unleashing time-travel effects to allow them to jump backward and forward at will and modify past mistakes or predict the future. It stars Landry Bender as Cyd, Lauren Taylor as Shelby, Gus Kamp as Barry (aspiring scientist), Ricky Garcia as Naldo, and Benjamin Cole Royer as Chet.

Shelby and Cyd are often forced to deal with the antics of Bret and Chet, their twin brothers. Both can be annoying and cause plenty of mischief for Shelby, often dressing alike! This proves especially aggravating when Bret and Chet tend to dress alike – something Shelby detests immensely.

The brothers are dimwitted, which often gets them into trouble. They frequently fight each other and engage in violent spats that usually involve hitting and pushing. Eventually, though, they manage to reconcile. Both brothers also harbor romantic feelings for Cyd, whom they find annoying but who they do help out as teenage detectives.

Chet Marcus

Chet Marcus was an Army veteran who served during Operation Desert Storm and the Global War on Terror. A member of the Rotary Club, he assisted with leading a Rotary Group Study Exchange trip to Italy; additionally, he was active with volunteer groups in his Quechee, Vermont community. Unfortunately, he has recently passed away, leaving behind funeral expenses and travel costs, which his family is now raising funds for.

Norm and Astrid Marcus have three children: Shelby, Cyd, and Bret. He works as an accountant at Globo-Digi-Dyne while she stays home as a homemaker. Norm uses his Winnebago as both laboratory and garage. Both he and his wife enjoy playing golf together.

The show follows teens Shelby and Cyd Ripley as they discover they can travel backward or forward through time after misusing an ambitious scientist’s invention. While her parents are on an archeological dig in Peru for three years, Shelby and Cyd come to live together at Shelby’s house until the project concludes.

They frequently spar and have an intense sister rivalry. Both love loud clothing and large displays. Sometimes, they dress alike to avoid confusion amongst their friends.

Chet is Shelby and Cyd’s dimwitted younger brother who likes to cause them problems and is the most irritating of their siblings. His personality type is ESTP while his enneagram number is 7w6; often confused and easily frustrated by Shelby and Cyd’s mischief, Chet nonetheless remains close to them and acts as their spokesperson at family functions or public events as well as having an affinity for public speaking and singing talent.