Best Restaurants in Barceloneta


Barceloneta, one of Barcelona’s liveliest beach neighborhoods, offers an abundance of dining options, from fine-dining establishments to beach-front chiringuitos, that cater to every palate and budget. Learn the best info about mejores restaurantes en barcelona.

Can Majo is a favorite seafood spot among locals. Family-owned for more than 50 years, It serves traditional paella marinara and other classic dishes.

Can Majo

Can Majo is a small fisherman’s tavern serving the freshest seafood. Their signature dishes include bombas de la Barceloneta – fried potato croquettes filled with succulent ground beef – as well as their famous calamars a la planxa (in summer) and grilled sardines and calamars a la planxa (during other seasons). For something different, try their old-school Catalan stew cap I pota, made up of tripe, veal trotters, and head covered by tomatoey sauce.

Their paella is superb. Unlike some restaurants, which may skimp on ingredients, theirs boasts plenty of prawns, mussels, clams, and tender strips of tender squid topped off with generous helpings of socarrat—the golden caramelized crust at the bottom of the pan that tastes similar to butter. You can also enjoy other rice dishes or fideua in their cozy restaurant, though their prices may be more than affordable!

La Mar Salada

Passeig de Joan Borbo can be an overwhelming experience for tourists, but this restaurant provides a welcome respite with fresh fish and authentic rice dishes from around the world. The owners’ passion is evident as their pleasant dining room and terrace provide attractive settings, while amiable service ensures each experience exceeds expectations.

Chef Reini reinvents classic seafood dishes such as black rice (tinted with squid ink), paella, and fideua using innovative techniques and presentations that look beautiful while tasting even better than they look. As part of Barceloneta Cuina, their restaurant provides delicious meals made with top-quality local ingredients.

At this restaurant, a wide variety of tapas is offered, such as bombas (potato croquettes with blood sausage and onions) and equeixada de bacalla (meaty salt-cod fritters with aubergine and garlic). For dessert, try their yogurt-based ice cream made with dehydrated strawberries, lime zest, and crumble base for an innovative treat that provides refreshing texture contrasts.

Cucina Hermanos Torres

Barceloneta, Barcelona’s beachy neighborhood, provides an array of culinary experiences ranging from traditional seafood dishes to innovative modern cuisine. To experience it all for yourself, look no further than Cucina Hermanos Torres; created by twin brothers Sergio and Javier Torres themselves, it stands as testament to their talent as innovators in culinary creations.

Post-industrial space with high ceilings and brick walls. Diners sit around an open kitchen that allows them to observe chefs at work; their menu offers seafood carpaccio and tonkatsu ramen.

Be sure to try the “bomba de la Barceloneta,” an exquisite fried potato croquette stuffed with succulent ground beef and drizzled with aioli and hot sauce—this classic Barcelona dish should not be missed! For an authentic local flavor, order “cap I pota,” an old-school Catalan stew made of tripe and veal trotters.


The cuisine is high-end but approachable, and the space is surprisingly cozy for a restaurant that specializes in paella. The chefs are masters at their craft, and the food is inventive while respecting Mediterranean traditions—an absolute must-visit!

Barceloneta’s premier seafood eatery for over 100 years, this family-owned establishment is managed by four generations of the same family and features seaside cooking like fish, shellfish, and rice dishes; their menu boasts 14 paella recipes (two squid-ink versions plus fideua [noodle paella] recipes!).

At this upscale Catalan restaurant, you’re bound to have an enjoyable dining experience. The cuisine is inventive yet not overly complex, and the menu changes frequently to showcase what’s freshest that day. Try the grilled sea bass collar with preserved lemon, then continue exploring their menu of tapas and seasonal small plates.

Bar Jai-Ca

After visiting Museo d’Historia de Catalunya, why not treat yourself to a drink from Bar Jai-Ca? From draft beer and vino to vermouth and even tapas, this bar is open daily and provides the perfect place for lunch or supper!

Locals love this hidden-away spot where food and sangria are both fantastic! Plus, the service is quick and friendly – don’t miss the cuttlefish cakes, which are a must-try!

Since its opening in 1955, this classic bar’s interior has changed little, making it a favorite meeting place for friends looking for drinks and dinner. Service is welcoming and helpful while their menu boasts traditional items like fried baby squid, morena brochettes, and chaperones (garlicky grilled scallops). Whatever dish your fancy is on offer here – be it classic sandwiches, morena brochettes, or chaperones (garlicky grilled scallops). You can order anything you desire here – no matter where in London!

Surf House

Noah’s Beachside Luxury and Eco-Consciousness Hotel is an exceptional venue for seafood enthusiasts. Dine on fresh, exquisitely marinated raw and cooked seafood served in an open-air restaurant with direct sea views; take pleasure in its eco-conscious features, such as an aerothermal heat pump that transforms sunlight into energy; or discover its sustainable features, such as an aerothermal heat pump and a rooftop garden that harness the sun to produce energy for you to use at leisure!

Rafa Zafra has introduced Amar into the Palace Hotel to offer guests a more refined experience. Amar is an ode to classic fine dining, with a menu featuring sections from the original restaurant at Ritz, a high-quality seafood selection, nine dishes featuring caviar, and modern Catalan main courses.

Disfrutar is a light-filled space offering unparalleled views of the Mediterranean, serving an assortment of delicious seafood delights. Their chef excels at both traditional Mediterranean fare and innovative creations; standout dishes include their octopus carpaccio and Korean chicken wings.