Yacht Charters in Malta


Malta boasts warm temperatures and clear waters year-round, although spring and summer tend to be peak periods for yachting. To maximize relaxation during your sailing adventure, opt for a crewed charter where a qualified skipper takes care of everything for you. Read the Best info about boat rentals in Malta.

Discover Malta and Gozo as you stroll its lively fortified towns and beautiful beaches, or dive deeper into their rich histories, from baroque churches to Egyptian-influenced temples.

Bareboat Charters

Malta’s crystal clear waters and charming island charm make it the ideal location for a yacht charter. Together with Gozo and Comino – two sister islands located nearby – this Mediterranean paradise provides a variety of sailing itineraries and routes. Bareboat charters can also offer freedom and adventure, making this option great for independent adventurers looking for boat rentals in Malta. However, please keep in mind that you must hold a valid sailing license to use bareboat yacht rentals.

Malta bareboat charters allow you to experience its gorgeous beaches and coves that dot its coastline, as well as its rich heritage and fascinating culture. Valletta, one of Malta’s capital cities and a UNESCO World Heritage site bursting with architectural marvels makes for an enjoyable day trip through the medieval walled city or visiting St Paul’s Cathedral and Bastion Square.

If you prefer having a skipper on board, many boat rentals in Malta offer the option of adding a captain and crew at an additional cost. This will allow you to relax and enjoy your charter experience without having to worry about navigation or safety concerns. SamBoat is the market leader in peer-to-peer boat rental technology, making it simple and intuitive to find your ideal yacht in Malta.

Skippered Charters

Malta, an island paradise in the Mediterranean, stands as a testament to this. Filled with baroque churches, creamy-gold limestone houses, and Egyptian-influenced temples, Malta offers a breathtaking mix of cultural and historical color, crystalline beaches, and prime sailing conditions.

Begin your island experience on a skippered yacht charter to appreciate Malta’s maritime beauty fully. Cruise around Valletta before setting out to Gozo and Comino. Visit breathtaking natural landmarks like St Paul’s Islands and Blue Lagoon, as well as traditional villages, for an exciting yachting voyage!

The Maltese archipelago should be explored from April through October for optimal sailing conditions and temperature, but you can still explore outside this timeframe quite comfortably, as Malta boasts a mild and sunny climate year-round.

No matter your sailing level or experience, our expert team can find you the ideal skipper. With their extensive sailing knowledge and local expertise, our skippers offer peace of mind that your yachting adventure is in good hands. Plus, they’ll be more than happy to answer any queries about your yachting experience! This gives you complete flexibility over when and how you travel at your own pace – enjoy!

Motorboat Charters

Malta offers the ideal setting to rent a boat for romantic sunset cruises or exciting sea adventures with family and friends. Take advantage of Malta’s warm Mediterranean waters and pristine beaches while sailing your yacht rental through warm Mediterranean waters to take advantage of snorkeling, diving, kayaking in crystal-clear water or reef, or deep sea fishing adventures.

Luxury yacht charters provide the ideal vessel for any sailing holiday, with rentals starting from $300 per day for motorboat rentals to thousands of dollars a day for luxury catamarans. To save money and meet other sailing enthusiasts on your travels, opt for shared charters to meet other like-minded sailing enthusiasts during your journey.

Sailing around Malta offers plenty of opportunities to discover its tranquil coves, rugged cliffs, and fascinating history. Visit Gozo and Comino for beautiful beaches or sail along its picturesque southeast coast for an exploration of Delimara Caves or Blue Grotto Caves – there is always plenty to discover when sailing Malta!

With Sailo’s advanced search filters, finding the ideal boat rental in Malta has never been simpler. Narrow down your search based on trip date, duration, number of people traveling on board, as well as boat type, price range, and desired crew members onboard.

Catamaran Charters

No matter your experience level or style of sailing, Malta provides an idyllic Mediterranean sailing experience in one of its beautiful seas. The island’s welcoming locals embrace warm hospitality, while its rich cultural history dates back thousands of years. Not forgetting luxurious marinas, stunning beaches, and crystal-clear waters, a yacht charter in Malta is truly unforgettable!

While on your cruise, you will discover the magnificent Sister Isles of Gozo and Comino. This magical archipelago boasts charming villages, quiet beaches, the iconic Azure Window, as well as baroque churches, old stone farmhouses, and some of the top diving spots in the Mediterranean.

BednBlue provides access to both private and professional skippered catamaran charters in Malta, so you can find one to meet your specific requirements based on cabin size, number of people aboard, amenities like BBQ or onboard entertainment, and extra features like transfers, an outboard motor, an early check-in timeframe, or security deposit insurance if desired.

To ensure a smooth cruise experience, it’s essential to contact the boat representative beforehand and speak directly with them using the blue message button on each boat page. This way, you can pose any queries or make special arrangements if needed.