Bratz Fashion Pixiez


Fashion Pixiez is a collection that takes Bratz in a new direction after the success of Genie Magic, with new characters like Breeana joining Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin to form this new group of dolls.

This movie has proven divisive among audiences due to its scenes depicting mean-girl behavior, irritating electronic music, and a complex plot.


Fifteen years ago, Bratz fans witnessed a profound change with Fashion Pixiez – both its film and dolls were met with criticism due to significant modifications that distinguished Fashion Pixiez from other collections in the Bratz line. However, Fashion Pixiez remains popular today, and some remain divided by these changes that truly set Fashion Pixiez apart from previous groups of the Bratz line.

This collection featured a new face mold and different colors for its dolls, along with dark long-sleeved shirts featuring pixie wings and high ponytails that distinguished them from previous Bratz collections with light pink and green hues. These dolls wore jeans featuring particular “pixie-wing” jeans as part of their collection. Each doll included a glitter wand that could dispense glitter, a tube of glitter, and a matching Magic Mini Pixie Friend doll in matching colors to complete the set. In addition, there was also a bracelet and tiara headband with a “pixie wing” hair clip; dolls came packaged in circular and trapezoid boxes featuring illustrations depicting Pixies, while two additional dolls, Dee and Lina, were released with different packaging that was similar to others – two additional dolls Dee and Lina were released similarly packaged just slightly differently to others – two additional figures by Dee and Lina which added different dolls into this series that also featured Pixie-wing hair clips; in circular boxes that also depicted images depicting Pixie-wing clips with special “pixie-wing” hair clips featured.

The movie also featured an expanded voice cast. Many of the actors providing voices had previously provided voices for Bratz Babyz The Movie or other Bratz media such as Bratz Rock Angelz or Forever Diamondz, such as Britt McKillip as Cloe, Maryke Hendrikse as Yasmin, Ashleigh Ball as Jade, Jillian Michaels as Dee, Adrian Holmes as Dylan, John Payne as Melvino and Janyse Jaud for Cymbeline respectively.

Although the film proved divisive among some Bratz fans, it did introduce many young fans to the brand. Over time, Bratz evolved, and several spinoffs were released, such as dolls with taller bodies and darker complexions. All these changes eventually led to its relaunch with an updated logo and branding in 2014. At the same time, some fans hailed its return to its roots while others lamented its change.


The movie Bratz Fashion Pixiez was an instantaneous success among young viewers and received glowing reviews from critics alike. It introduced new characters while featuring voice actors from the TV series; some parents found the message troubling; however, others saw it as teaching girls that looking beautiful is essential.

The film follows Bratz’s friends Cymbeline, Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin as they discover new girl Lina has moved into Stylesville from elsewhere and differs significantly from them in appearance and behavior compared to them – she seems beautiful but strange and secretive too! Suspecting she may have been affected by dark magic, they set out in search of answers leading them into an alternate dimension full of magical pixie dust, unnerving garden gnomes that come alive, and malicious spells.

Parents should discuss the eerie and frightening scenes with their children. This provides an ideal opportunity to talk about how seemingly magical objects may be dangerous and to encourage nonjudgmental judgment of people based on appearance alone. Furthermore, this movie illustrates that being a friend means more than simply hanging out together all the time; it means being there when others need support and assistance.

Bratz was an immensely successful film franchise, leading to multiple spinoffs, including a computer-animated TV series, a video game, and an internet chat show called Talking Bratz on TikTok. Despite some criticisms regarding its message of being Chic over Being Nice (something the dolls and movies send), however, many parents with older daughters who are tweens or teens still believe it harms young women.


Though Bratz’s music has never hit the charts, two soundtrack albums managed this feat. Rock Angelz and Forever Diamondz achieved this goal, while Fashion Pixiez seemed more like an afterthought, with songs left over from prior movies and TV series included.

The new voice cast introduced with this line-up of dolls may have also affected it. Although several key Bratz characters had their voices identical to previous releases (Britt McKillip as Cloe, Maryke Hendrikse as Yasmin, Brittney Wilson as Jade, Chantal Strand as Breeana, Sarah Edmondson as Lina and Janyse Jaud as Cymbeline for instance), many other voice actors who joined were newcomers that failed to capture their characters accurately.

Bratz Fashion Pixiez: The Secret Necklace was released as an accompanying video game to the Fashion Pixiez line of dolls, following four Bratz girls as they compete in a fashion show after an evil pixie steals an enchanted necklace and enters into competition against them for it.

Although this movie failed, Bratz remains one of the most recognized toys on the market, and even recently debuted a spinoff called Talking Bratz on TikTok featuring animated versions of Bratz characters interacting in an exciting talk-show format. This show competes against popular tween-oriented shows such as Barbie Fairytopia and Winx Club, which both target young girls.


The Bratz franchise has steadily grown over time. They have added new dolls, their fashion line Style Boutique, several dance video games, and released their first movie, Starrin & Stylin in 2004. Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin become concerned when Cymbeline begins acting strangely; soon thereafter, they discover she has been lured into an unsavory world filled with black magic and sexuality.

The girls work to save their friend while defeating the dark fairies who want to take over Stylesville. Additionally, this film introduces fans to Breeana – daughter of Dee and Melvino and sister to Cymbeline. Though she may seem timid sometimes, Breeana proves herself an intelligent leader when faced with challenges in Sykesville.

MGA Entertainment produced a unique line of Bratz Fashion Pixiez dolls featuring Lina and Dee before they turned into dark pixies, plus an accessory set and Magic Mini Pixie Friends not seen in the film – something some fans speculate could serve as an entryway into an unfulfilled promise of a spinoff featuring Lina or Dee that never came to fruition.

Fashion Pixiez dolls were trendy and came in various styles and colors. Each was styled after its respective character in personality and fashion styles; for instance, Yasmin’s outfit featured white platform wedge shoes, patchwork jeans, a daisy top, and daisy earrings; she even had peace sign necklaces! Sold both online and at various retail locations worldwide, these dolls quickly became instant hits among young children due to being so similar to those seen in movies; also being easy to dress, they looked fantastic when photographed accompanied by photographs!