The Best Whiskey For Old Fashioned


A good whiskey for old-fashioned cocktails must be robust enough to withstand both stirring and ice dilution yet still pack substantial flavors that stand up. Many bourbons are cut, although rye whiskey has become increasingly popular.

Be mindful that mixed drinks shouldn’t break the bank; save those luxurious bottles for thoughtful sipping experiences.


If you’re searching for an old-fashioned that can stand up to sweetness and bitterness, bourbon may be your perfect solution. Boasting full, sweet flavors that work beautifully when mixed with sugar and bitters and a smooth finish suitable for sipping. There is an assortment of bourbons on the market; be sure to find one you enjoy sipping!

Woodford Reserve Bourbon is one of the finest choices for bourbon. A favorite at events such as the Kentucky Derby and mint juleps at race tracks alike, Woodford Reserve bourbon has been aged in oak barrels to give its distinct taste and is sure to pair perfectly with any mixers and cocktails you create.

Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon from Kentucky offers an unrivaled blend of smooth fruitiness to complement bitters and sugar in an old-fashioned. Available at most large liquor stores at a competitive price, Larceny makes another fine bourbon choice with its combination of corn, wheat, and malted barley for a rich and complex taste that boasts peppery aromatic notes on its nose while offering sweet flavors on its sweet fruity palate.

If you prefer high-rye whiskey for your old-fashioned cocktail, Aberlour 14 Year could be just the thing. Aged in bourbon, sherry, and Oloroso sherry casks for optimal aging results in its soft vanilla caramel flavors – ideal for creating the ultimate old-fashioned cocktail experience.

The Sazerac Rye is an exquisite high-rye whiskey with an intoxicating spice profile, priced at an eye-watering $70 but more than worth its cost when creating cocktails. Boasting spicy notes and a minty aroma, its spicy character adds extra depth and dimension to every drink you mix!

Other great bourbon options for your old-fashioned are Old Forester, Michter’s Yellow Rose, Milam & Greene, or Journeyman Distillery Pit-Spitter Cherry Flavored Whiskey. Store it properly and enjoy it with fresh ice, extending its shelf life! For optimal taste and maximum enjoyment, use fresh ice that helps remove oils from glass surfaces for the most flavorful experience possible! You can find these spirits both locally and online. To maximize delectable drinks, keep them cool in dark places with proper capping. Also, enjoy drinking it alongside fresh ice for optimal enjoyment – using fresh ice will remove oils from surfaces, enhancing flavorful drinks!


Rye is a highly versatile grain. It can be grown as a cereal grain, used as a flour substitute in bread recipes or to produce paper and other products, and even used to make paper and other items. But its most notable application lies in whiskey production: pre-prohibition, it was the preferred whiskey choice for Old Fashioned cocktails made with rye whiskey; although today, bourbon remains more widely used due to its higher level of sweetness compared to its spicy cousin, although rye could gain in popularity again as its more spicy character works well when combined with both sweet and bitter ingredients in Old Fashioned cocktails made with rye whiskey!

Rye whiskey’s spicy sweetness adds extra depth and complexity to an Old Fashioned cocktail, but high-proof bottles of it can be prohibitively costly. Luckily, some excellent rye whiskies offer great value at reasonable prices that are perfect for creating Old Fashioneds without breaking the bank.

WhistlePig Rye Whiskey is one of the top rye whiskeys for an old fashion. Aged for ten years and featuring spicy notes with chocolatey and citrusy aromas – WhistlePig makes an exceptional old-fashioned whiskey!

Four Roses Single Barrel Rye Whiskey is another outstanding option for making old-fashioned cocktails, boasting an exquisite flavor profile suited for this purpose. Packed with oak and vanilla notes, Four Roses Single Barrel’s smooth taste perfectly complements any old-fashioned.

This Kentucky rye is crafted with premium corn and rye. It boasts a medium body with subtle sweetness and caramel and orange notes that pair beautifully with an old-fashioned cocktail. Plus, its smooth finish would make this drink ideal.

Old Overholt Rye Whiskey is an affordable classic that makes an outstanding old-fashioned. Similar to bourbon in flavor and structure but with more robust rye notes. Don Draper would drink this whisky himself at such an accessible price point; its fruity notes combine perfectly with sugar and bitters for an unforgettable sip!

Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace Bourbon from the Buffalo Trace distillery makes for an excellent Old Fashioned cocktail, aged for at least eight years and offering robust flavors like cinnamon apple vanilla pecan pie, caramel toffee, and toffee notes – as well as its rich sweetness with a moderate burn. Its bold, spicy character makes this whiskey ideal for use in an Old Fashioned.

The old-fashioned is one of the oldest cocktails known to exist and was a favorite of Abraham Lincoln. To make one, all you need is three ingredients: bourbon, Angostura bitters, and orange peel – for optimal results, use 90-proof bourbon as this will allow it to stand up to all its components, such as bitters and peel.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon has been crafting its popular liquor for more than 200 years, using an expert combination of grains that are expertly combined, fermented, distilled, aged in oak barrels, and then aged to create a smooth yet flavorful liquid that is enjoyed both straight or in cocktails.

Buffalo Trace takes this one step further: their Mash Bill #1 features 90% corn in their main mash bill for maximum smoothness and flavorful character, often referred to as “low-rye” since the rye content is under 10%.

Whiskey is aged for at least eight years to achieve a deep amber hue and full flavor. It is imparted through careful barrel aging in oak barrels that have been carefully charred – giving the whiskey its distinct rich, smoky character. Furthermore, its storage within climate-controlled warehouses protects it against extreme weather conditions.

This bourbon costs approximately $30, making it an affordable choice for an old-fashioned. Crafted by experts at the distillery and available worldwide through bars and restaurants.

The Bourbon is a premium brand aged for at least eight years in charred oak barrels in a climate-controlled warehouse and then filtered to remove impurities. Ideal for an old-fashioned cocktail or used on its own, it makes an excellent introduction to premium products; although more costly than other brands, it offers superior quality!