Capri Pizza in Scottsdale


Capri Restaurant in Little Italy is an intimate 130-seat establishment dedicated to Southern Italian homemade cuisine. Offering everything from brick oven pizza and calzones to its famous garlic knots and its award-winning dessert menu, Capri has something delicious waiting for you here.

At this place, guests appreciate its competent staff and reasonable prices. However, be prepared for crowds, as they can often get packed.

Specialty Pizzas

Capri Pizza in Scottsdale offers excellent NY-style pizza. Their service is swift, and they get it out fast, while specialty slices may be slightly on the pricey side. My only suggestion would be for them to pay attention when packing delivery bags; sometimes, food may end up inside upside down, making for difficult access when unwrapping it later on. Otherwise, they make for great pizza and sub sandwich options, and I will continue ordering from them – perhaps owned by their neighbors at Bagel Emporium next door?


Capri is known for its fresh food that comes straight from both its garden and sea, including Totani seafood grilled dishes made of octopus, mussels, and squid, featuring their distinctive flavors with an irresistibly creamy filling made up of cheeses and potatoes – an incredibly delectable treat indeed!

Scialatielli is an exquisite flat pasta with fresh clams and mussels that is the perfect light meal to enjoy at the beach. They also serve Spaghetti alle Vongole, which features white seafood sauce as an additional treat!

Holly and Gianluca‘s daughter, who runs their Capri cooking school, described this dish in episode 42. She and her family make it regularly at home – it contains tomato, mozzarella, basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil, and salt ingredients.