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Tower of Pizza is an exciting race platformer game with a classic 90s cartoon look, providing hours of enjoyment at a reasonable cost! Don’t hesitate – the fun never stops here!

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Pepperoni is a classic Italian cured sausage that is often seen on pizza. It is distinguished by its chewy texture, spicy and tangy flavor profile, and vibrant red hue – qualities that make it a delicious sandwich filler or snack option.

Pepperoni makers combine pork and beef with salt, sugar, paprika, and other spices for flavor and texture. After that, they grind the mixture finely to achieve consistency before inoculating it with lactic acid bacteria that preserves and gives its signature taste to the final product. Canned cured meat is then placed in casings for fermentation for several days before being hung to dry to intensify flavor while prolonging shelf life.

Although occasional consumption of pepperoni should not cause significant health concerns, it should still be eaten in moderation as part of a well-rounded diet that includes other protein sources, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. If pregnant or nursing, pepperoni contains high levels of sodium and nitrates, which should be avoided to minimize risks to motherhood.


The tower uses ultra-sticky mozzarella tentacles to trap and snare its enemies, then smash them around until they can no longer escape, eventually drowning under an onslaught of marinara sauce and being crushed under hard crusts. Furthermore, multiple razor-sharp discs made of black olive sonic booms are fired at them from within their grip.

The player character can collect money and Toppins at every level, unlock new abilities through achievements or specific behaviors, and receive extras such as palette swap costumes for Peppino for completing them all successfully.

Pizza Tower, created independently by Tour De Pizza in 2023, evokes the style and speed of 1990s Nicktoons as well as Sonic the Hedgehog. Pizza Tower’s art, score, and gameplay have drawn comparisons with both Wario Land and Courage the Cowardly Dog; its popularity can be measured through early access builds provided to Patreon backers.


Pizza Tower, developed by indie developer Tour de Pizza in 2023, follows Pizza Chef Peppino Spaghetti as he scales its titular structure to save his pizzeria from destruction. There are 20 side-scrolling levels in which players focus on increasing scores and building combos to advance – no health or lives exist here; its difficulty varies based on player performance alone.

The Crumbling Tower of Pizza is the twentieth and final level of Pizza Tower. When completed, its title card shows Peppino standing inside the crumbling tower’s walls while raising his arms triumphantly victoriously. This level contains numerous enemies and transformations, such as Pizza Face clones (Notty and Vigilante), as well as extra platforms (originally Forknights but later diminished in subsequent builds of the game).

“It’s Pizza Time!” is played throughout each level, featuring an excerpt of a 23-second song composed by Mr. Sauceman, who initially saw framing for Pizza Tower as an exciting hobby until being offered the chance by McPig to compose its soundtrack.


The pizza world can become overzealous at times; often, people refer to the Leaning Tower of Pisa as “The Leaning Tower of Pizza.” Although this might not be an ideal way to experience Italy, it is fun to witness just how creative and silly people can get about pizza!

Introducing fresh vegetables into your pizza can give it an additional depth and make for a delicious meal, such as spinach – both new and flavorful!


Tour De Pizza developed Pizza Tower as an indie platform game in 2023. It stars Peppino Spaghetti, an ambitious pizza chef who must scale his namesake tower to save his pizzeria. Players progress through 20 side-scrolling levels by collecting collectibles and defeating enemies to build combos, collecting collectibles along the way, and activating an escape sequence at the end of every level to return within time constraints.

Players can unlock a variety of specials and abilities during their run through Pizza Tower, such as the Tower of Sauce which can squirt lava-like tomato sauce on enemies, Mozzarella Tentacles which ensnare and smash enemies together for massive damage, Pepperoni Platter which summons large pepperonis which flatten and crush enemies, etc.

The Pizza Tower menu holds another hidden surprise for Peppino: access to his palette swap costume by tapping its leftmost button during an escape sequence. Jeremy de Castel, known for his work with several Wario Land games, composed the music for this menu.