EC Best Service and TrackingMore


EC Best Service provides reliable and cost-effective shipping services. However, shipping times for online shopping carts often fluctuate during sales periods or public holidays – businesses must understand this when selecting carriers for their business needs.

Parcel Monitor makes tracking courier packages simple by sending updates in any language you choose and eliminating the need to visit multiple tracking websites.

Parcel Monitor

No matter where or when you ship products, knowing where your parcels are is vitally essential for informed shipping decisions and fulfillment processes and can give customers peace of mind that their goods will arrive. A parcel monitor can be invaluable in this respect.

Parcel Monitor is an internationally-recognized parcel tracking service enabling consumers and professionals to monitor ecommerce shipments. Their free tool allows users to enter one or more tracking numbers to see their parcel’s current location; time estimates on when it will reach its final destination are also provided, as well as price fluctuations and carriers available for tracking purposes.

This company boasts an impressive history in the industry and is a trusted partner of several ecommerce logistics brands and global retailers. They aim to inspire the ecommerce logistics ecosystem while creating a better delivery experience for everyone through data, collaboration, and innovation.

Parcel Monitor plans to strengthen its global presence and drive more profound growth through thought leadership development and community engagement initiatives that foster further expansion. They will also invest in their technology platform to add robust features that allow them to extract higher-quality data insights, enabling both professional and consumer communities to make more informed decisions.

Retailers can use parcel monitors to evaluate post-purchase customer experiences and identify areas for improvement. Utilizing this data can assist retailers in improving their shipping and fulfillment process for improved customer experiences and benchmarking their performance against their competitors.

Parcelab provides retailers with an ideal parcel monitoring software system, with direct carrier API integrations that ensure near real-time shipment information and updates – this enables retailers to stay ahead of competition by delivering the correct product at precisely the right time for their customers. As an added benefit, parcelLab also reduces manual checks and verification costs that retailers must carry out manually.


TrackingMore is one of the best parcel-tracking API systems that offers an efficient and accurate way to track multiple orders automatically. Its robust features make it essential for eCommerce retailers, and its lightning-fast integration capabilities enable businesses to save time and effort while tracking thousands of products daily – including UPS, FedEx, and DHL courier services.

With its innovative system, this can automatically match orders with their appropriate courier and detect standard order statuses such as delivered, out for delivery, and failed attempt – providing improved customer experiences and sales growth while offering invaluable insights into store performance.

Integrate your website with over 1000 carrier services worldwide so customers can track parcels without leaving your site. Furthermore, its advanced search engine enables customers to find any shipment that may be at risk as quickly as possible and further narrows results by location, status, or more.

This platform can be integrated with all major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce, making it suitable for small business owners doing dropshipping. Installation of the app does not require programming knowledge, and mobile device access is available – with free versions also available for larger enterprises.

Paid plans of this application go far beyond its free program, offering features such as custom statuses and remote area checkers. Thousands of shipments pass through every month without issues arising; its customers have also noted the quick support response time from its support team.

Shipwell is more user-friendly and cost-effective shipping software for small and midsized businesses than its competition. It allows them to seamlessly connect to all leading carriers and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay; features a user-friendly dashboard that displays shipment statuses quickly; manages multiple accounts; tracks shipments easily; creates labels easily – all within an intuitive platform!


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