Fall App Icons


App icons are essential to mobile application designs, ensuring they display well across different wallpapers while being easily identifiable.

Minimal designs are more easily understood and more memorable for audiences. A smaller icon conveys its purpose more effectively.

Fall Leaves

Autumn is the season of changing leaves, and these icons bring that warmth of autumn onto your home screen with beautiful greens, oranges, yellows, reds, and browns – ideal for getting into the fall spirit!

Fall weather creates the ideal conditions for leaves to change their vibrant shades, providing an eye-catching display on Earth and in space! Autumn leaves offer such visual pleasure that they make an excellent background or wallpaper choice.

Biochemical processes produce leaf colors as they evolve with shorter days and longer nights when chlorophyll in leaf cells breaks down to reveal yellowish pigments with colorful hues. Their exact shade depends on sunlight availability and environmental temperature – bright sunny days and cool nights produce the most brilliant colors possible.

Foliage season typically peaks in the country’s northern tier around October, though some Western and Alaska areas peak much sooner. Meanwhile, foliage reaches its pinnacle in mid-November in the South. If you want to experience stunning fall colors at their best, visiting a national park or hiking a nearby trail could be your answer!

If you don’t have time to visit scenic places, use an app like iNaturalist to photograph any leaf-changing plants you encounter, identifying each by shape, color, and size of its leaves. Or check out NASA Earth Observatory’s fall leaf photos for breathtaking images!

Even if you don’t love nature or outdoor sports, you can still appreciate the beautiful hues of autumn by downloading and installing this fall app icon pack on your phone. The bag features social media apps and messaging services such as Messenger and solid colors in orange, yellow, and brown reminiscent of autumn leaves – plus hand-drawn icons to bring a unique aesthetic to your home screen! Plus, it’s free for personal use; download now to create your perfect PSL-inspired home screen!


Pumpkins have long been associated with fall; we see them everywhere, from our yards and store shelves to lattes! No wonder pumpkins feature as app icons in many fall games – with this pack, you can bring their orange hues directly into your home screen!

This autumnal icon pack is essential for anyone wanting to add warmth and coziness to their home screen. Boasting subtle orange and yellow tones that complement any device perfectly, it makes an excellent choice for bolder color palettes seen with other fall app icon packs.

With the autumn equinox approaching on September 22, you’re likely feeling inspired to spend cozy evenings indoors and welcome the change in temperature with open windows and warm clothing. Add that same comfortable aesthetic to your iPhone by customizing its wallpaper, app icons, widget images, and widget icons with autumn themes to give it an autumnal appearance on your home screen. With this bundle’s hand-illustrated icons and widget images, you can give your home screen an attractive autumnal appearance!

This pack offers 154 high-resolution app icons and widget images designed to work seamlessly with Apple’s Shortcuts app. Download them, open them up in Shortcuts, and add them to your home screen – they don’t require resizing or cropping when used with this application!

Pumpkins are more than just an autumn staple; they’re also superfoods! Packed full of potassium – an electrolyte restorer – and vitamin C for immune system support, pumpkins are also rich sources of fiber to keep you satiated longer while decreasing blood pressure.

Although pumpkins may appear to be vegetables, they fall under the classification of fruits. While vegetables refer to any plant parts that include leaves, stems, and roots, fruits have any edible part that forms from flowers with seeds in its center, such as apples, strawberries, or tomatoes–in addition to pumpkins!

Fall Colors

Fall colors are beautiful, yet their meaning can vary widely. Their hues can bring forth feelings of warmth, love, comfort, relaxation, and pleasure, or they could spark fear by sparking death-related concerns such as cold temperatures and darkness. When combined, these emotions make fall an extraordinary season to experience!

Fall colors typically involve red and orange tones; deep green hues from evergreen trees, like fir trees, can also provide plenty of inspiration. This verdant fall palette contains all these hues and many others to help create stunning autumn designs.

Rich jewel tones make this color palette ideal for any autumn-themed design project, be it logo or mood board creation. Let the warm hues help you design something unique!

Fall offers more than the traditional hues of red and orange; it also boasts an assortment of earthy yellows for those seeking a less bright version of fall beauty.

Green is a color that has long been associated with nature, representing societal health and balance. This green-dominated autumn color palette can create an enjoyable design aesthetic.

Brown is a classic color that reminds us of changing seasons, mainly fall. Think pumpkin pies, apple cider, and the golden atmosphere created when walking through wooded areas as leaves change color before failing to make this golden aura – these light brown app icon sets will delight all those who appreciate this season and its charms!

With the recent iOS 14 update, iPhone users have taken to customizing their home screens with autumnal themes and designs. Some are even turning to third-party apps to give their home screen a more attractive aesthetic; Widgetsmith and Shortcuts allow users to provide icons, wallpapers, and widgets a fall-like aesthetic.

Fall Aesthetics

The fall aesthetic is all about cozy things, featuring warm earth tones like mustard yellow, olive green, and deep burgundy hues, as well as clothing made up of long sweaters, chunky knits, and thick socks paired with boots or sneakers – not forgetting accessories like hats, scarves, flannel shirts or knitted blankets that completes its appearance.

Fall is also synonymous with delicious cuisine: pumpkins, apples, squash, beets, turnips, Swiss chard, and sweet potatoes are at their prime during this season and can be served up in various dishes such as soups, stews, and roasts as well as enjoyed hot beverages such as hot chocolate and apple cider.

If you want to embrace the autumn aesthetic, decorate your home with pumpkins, leaves, and other autumnal decorations. Additionally, try baking pumpkin bread or making other seasonal recipes! Alternatively, try hanging some colorful flower bouquets around your house for more subtle autumn touches or simmering some mulling spices in your oven.

Hygge, or cozy and content living, can also be part of the autumn aesthetic. To achieve it in your own home, create cozy nooks where you can curl up and relax – this may include floor pillows, fireplaces, and light music – plus decorate it with autumnal-scented candles and lamps!

App icons play an integral part in shaping the appearance of mobile applications. Their designs must be original to promote brand recognition and increase recall value; this is especially vital if competing against similar apps in its category, where having too similar an icon would make it hard for users to differentiate them.

To avoid this issue, ensure your app icon stands out from its competition with an eye-catching and distinct design that attracts more customers and increases conversions. Furthermore, ensure its simplicity allows your target audience to understand it easily.