Ways In Which A Divorce Mediation Attorney Can Help


In divorce cases, where spouses are not in high conflict, mediation can be an ideal process to carry out than litigating. It involves fewer conflicts, and mediation is generally cheaper and quicker. While most people think they do not need an attorney for the mediation process, having one will help you resolve issues rather than fighting for one another over congested issues.

When you want to end your marriage quickly while still negotiating the process for everything you want, hiring a Wisconsin divorce mediation attorney might be just the ally you need. 

Ways in which a divorce mediation attorney can help 

Even if you do not want to hire an attorney during the mediation process, it is highly advisable to talk to a legal counsel before the mediation process. In this way, you will get to know and understand your rights to make an educated decision about what you need and what you are willing to give up during negotiations. You will not get any mediation advice from the mediator.

When you complete a resolution on all the outstanding issues, either a mediator or an attorney will draft the divorce agreement, also known as the separation agreement. This separation agreement will be filed with the court, joint petition, and related documents. The court’s judge will review the records on an uncontested date, and both you and your spouse need to appear on the same day. If the judge does not find any valid and fair reason, they can deny your request to obtain the divorce. Again, your attorney will help ensure that no parts are missing before taking the agreement to the court. 

Your attorney will help you in the following ways. 

1. Help select the best mediator.

2. Help you in deciding the potential settlements.

3. Explain every rule and procedure of mediation.

4. Prepare you for the mediation process.

5. Help you prepare proper and formal divorce paperwork when you reach mediated settlement.

How to select the best divorce mediation, lawyer 

Choosing the best divorce mediation lawyer is just the same and simple as any other professional: years of experience and evidence of training. Most divorce lawyers have experience and know about mediation. 

It is highly advantageous to have legal advice before mediating a divorce so that you know your rights and can negotiate from a well-informed position.

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