Front Door Fashion Reviews


Front Door Fashion offers an effective alternative for anyone who wants a personalized stylist without dealing with overcrowded malls and tight dressing rooms. Their website is user-friendly, and their style quiz provides lots of insight!

Stitch Fix can be more costly, but you only pay for items you keep.

What to Expect

Front Door Fashion is an invaluable service for women seeking stylists to help find outfits to meet every event or special occasion. However, this service may cost more than other subscription services, but it’s worth it if you value quality clothes and accessories that last over time.

When you sign up for a Front Door Fashion account, a style quiz will ask questions about your likes and dislikes. Furthermore, linking any social media accounts, you may have allows your stylist to see which styles appeal to you best, providing them with more insight into matching items to meet your tastes.

Once you’ve taken and passed the style quiz, you can request your first box. When it arrives, you have five days to decide what items you wish to keep and return the rest; another critical benefit of this service is that there is no obligation for items to be kept until the purchase has taken place – this makes this service perfect for people concerned about spending too much on clothing they may not like!

Front Door Fashion’s stylists are masters at matching outfits, so you can trust that they will do a superb job selecting clothes for you. Plus, they will offer advice and styling tips to complete your look – or book a Style Session appointment near one of their locations for an in-person consultation session with an advisor!

Customers love Front Door Fashion’s service because it is so user-friendly, and they know they can trust its stylists to deliver top-quality outfits consistently. Customers have found that Front Door Fashion stylists genuinely take the time to understand their clients and their desired styles – not to mention that their clothing and accessories far surpass other subscription services!

How Much Does It Cost?

Front Door Fashion provides an invaluable service for those who require assistance with their fashion selections, do not have the time or the inclination to shop themselves, or need extra help. Signup is quick and straightforward with no hidden fees attached – customers love receiving quality clothes and accessories tailored specifically to them. At the same time, their stylist takes great pride in getting to know each client individually and understanding their styles.

Start by filling out a style quiz, which includes fun questions about yourself and allows you to link any social media accounts demonstrating your unique personal style. After completing this step, request your first box of items and have five days to return any that don’t suit you.

The price for items in each box varies by brand, with most being mid- to high-end designer brands. While this makes the service slightly more costly than others like Stitch Fix, you only pay for what you keep; there is an initial $100 deposit required which goes toward your order or can be returned if nothing is marked; pricing begins at $25 for accessories and $100 for clothing items.

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What Brands Does Front Door, Fashion Carry?

Front Door Fashion was started by two Dallas women frustrated with the lack of personal styling services to meet their needs. They wanted someone who would come directly to their house or office and take time to learn about them and their style before creating outfits to reduce time getting ready each morning while looking their best. Front Door Fashion provides in-person and online box delivery services in Dallas to help clients discover styles they love while feeling confident!

Starting is simple and fun – beginning with a style quiz that asks a series of questions about your preferences and styles, followed by an expert stylist combing their catalog for looks they think would suit you, linking any Pinterest boards or style inspiration that might indicate what styles appeal to you once they have selected their faces for delivery, schedule delivery of three outfits within five business days so you can try them on before deciding to keep or return anything!

Front Door Fashion stands out from other subscription shopping services focusing on premium brands only, selling luxury labels. As a result, you should expect to pay more when ordering from them, but rest assured knowing they won’t send anything that won’t stand the test of time!

Front Door Fashion employs 39 people, most of whom are female. Women-founded and women-led companies aren’t commonplace in clothing manufacturing, so it’s excellent that Front Door Fashion is making an impactful statement with its approach.

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