Just Fashion Now Reviews BBBB


Just Fashion Now is an authentic clothing store that claims to provide trendy fashion at designer boutique quality at competitive prices and offers attractive discounts to attract new shoppers. They regularly organize promotions that save them up to 50 percent off total purchases, giving shoppers added incentive.

However, customers have made several complaints regarding this company’s return and refund policy. Customers must incur high return shipping costs to China, and returns aren’t always processed quickly.


Just Fashion Now is an online clothing store based out of Hong Kong offering trending fashion styles at designer boutique quality. Their clothing collection is carefully curated by fashion designers and sourced from emerging brands globally; plus, they provide dresses, accessories, and footwear for both men and women and international free shipping!

The company deploys secure networks to safeguard customer information. Its website and apps employ SSL technology for data transmission encryption to protect personal and credit card details from being exposed to unauthorized parties. In addition, additional measures have been put into place by this site to combat issues with fraud or identity theft.

Customers want their orders delivered promptly. That is why it is crucial for an online fashion store to offer timely delivery times. Just Fashion Now provides products to over 250 countries and territories and has multiple payment methods for customers to purchase orders.

Online shoppers will also want to ensure the store they shop from is secure. Just Fashion Now promises that it takes various security measures to keep your personal and financial details safe, including using SSL technology and only sharing them with its partners and suppliers.

Returns and refunds should also be carefully considered when shopping at Just Fashion Now. Their policies for returns and refunds are reasonable; however, some items are ineligible due to hygiene reasons; plus, there’s only a 15-day window to return items!

Just Fashion Now makes this process straightforward by regularly offering promos that lower its minimum order requirements while accepting credit cards and PayPal payments.

Customer service representatives of this company are on-hand to assist you with any problems or inquiries, be they by phone, email, live chat, or mobile app. Stay up-to-date with trends by downloading their mobile app or following them on social media!

Fitness for purpose

Fitness for Purpose Check (FFPC) is the ultimate test of a legitimate online fashion store. This involves seeing whether they fulfill their promises and deliver high-quality products. Just Fashion Now does this well enough, although not ideally; their website may be slightly confusing, and their customer support service lags. Nonetheless, Just Fashion Now remains reliable with many helpful customer resources.

Just Fashion Now offers stylish yet trendy clothing at discounted rates, such as dresses, tops, outerwear, and lingerie. Additionally, their shoe and accessories selection is constantly updated with the latest styles, colors, and fabric types for customers to find their ideal look.

Just Fashion Now offers customers an impressive variety of payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards (Master Card, Visa, and Discover Card), debit cards, and e-checks. Additionally, their website features a mobile version so customers can shop while on the move.

An important consideration when reviewing online stores is safety. A reputable fashion site must safeguard customers’ personal and financial data from unwary third parties; scammers often target unprotected websites to access this sensitive data for personal gain, so it is vital to ensure any store website is trustworthy.

Just Fashion Now has done a commendable job protecting its customers’ information. Their site is password-protected and utilizes secure connections when transmitting data. Furthermore, Just Fashion Now provides additional security measures like fraud detection and anti-phishing to ensure customer privacy.

However, some consumers have complained about the quality of clothing available from Just Fashion Now, leading some to refer to it as a scam. But it’s not, nor are any complaints as severe as with other clothing retailers.

If you’re uncertain if Just Fashion Now is an authentic company, reading customer reviews will give you an accurate assessment of its reputation and customer service. Plus, customer feedback provides insights into policies for returns/refunds/shipping speeds, etc.

Customer service

Just Fashion Now is an online store that claims to provide top-quality merchandise at reasonable prices, yet many customers have reported poor service from this store.

To make an impartial evaluation, when considering whether Just Fashion Now is legit or not, take into account several key points:

First and foremost, a legitimate online store should offer multiple payment options to customers, such as PayPal and major credit cards. They should also use secure networks to protect customers’ data to reduce leakage to unapproved parties.

Second, any legitimate online store must offer reasonable returns and refund policies. Just Fashion Now offers a 15-day return window, considered industry standard; however, shipping charges for returning the item(s in its original packaging may be high, and there may even be a restocking fee.

Just Fashion Now offers easy order tracking. Furthermore, its representative can be reached via email if any problems arise, and their fast responses ensure a hassle-free shopping experience.

Just Fashion Now offers a shallow minimum order requirement, making it an excellent way to avoid high shipping costs in remote areas where shipping rates can be more costly. Furthermore, Just Fashion Now frequently hosts promotional sales to reduce customer shipping expenses further.

Finally, the website provides customers with several self-help resources for customer use. These resources include a FAQ page, an extensive knowledge base, and a dedicated email support team – fantastic tools for helping resolve customer issues quickly. Furthermore, its FAQ page is organized into categories by topic, making locating answers quickly easy.

Returns and refunds

An online fashion store must offer an attractive returns and refund policy to be taken seriously by its customers. Customers need the ability to return purchased products if they are unsatisfied with their quality or exchange them for different sizes/colors if needed. Furthermore, customer information should be protected from unauthorized third parties using secure networks and other safeguards; Just Fashion Now does this successfully using secure networks and other security measures.

A good fashion store should provide customers with multiple payment methods. Some shoppers prefer PayPal while others use credit cards – Just Fashion Now offers both, giving customers the choice they need. In addition, returns and refunds must be processed quickly by the company.

Just Fashion Now’s user-friendly website features an easy search function to look up items by name or category. Additionally, its mobile compatibility makes shopping convenient no matter where life may take you.

Just Fashion Now allows customers to make purchases without registration; however, to access its full functionality, they must register using their email address, Facebook account, or Google account. In addition, Android and iOS apps allow browsing fashion listings while on the move.

Just Fashion Now offers trendy clothing of designer boutique quality at lower prices. Its flash sale section offers a large selection of dresses, tops, outerwear, lingerie, and discounted items.

While Just Fashion Now provides many offerings, some weaknesses exist within its service offering. First is its lack of free shipping to all locations – this may seem minor, but it can disappoint many shoppers. Furthermore, customers must bear return shipping costs, which can be a significant expense when traveling outside the US, compared to American companies, which rarely charge restocking fees on returned items.