Fruit Boxes From Broadway Basketeers


Delivered directly to your doorstep on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis: fresh peaches, scarlet nectarines, juicy pineapples, and an exquisite cherry medley are among many delicious selections of fruits that await discovery!

Kahumana Farm Hub offers you a curated box of tropical fruit grown by backyard and small growers along the Leeward coast.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit baskets make an excellent way to show your thanks, show appreciation, or let people know you are thinking of them. A fruit basket can also add the perfect finishing touch to a birthday or anniversary party, Mother’s Day brunch, Thanksgiving dinner, or other special event celebration. Plus, gourmet gift baskets like these make ideal long-distance gift solutions since almost anyone can enjoy the delicious treat, and they suit most diets!

Apples are one of the most beloved fruits to feature in a fruit basket due to their straightforward enjoyment and wide array of uses. You can eat them raw, cooked, or chopped up into different recipes for extra flavor or texture. Pears can also make for delicious additions, however, as they require special protection during shipping.

Grapes and berries make an excellent addition to a fruit basket because of their vivid hue and sweet flavors, and they can be eaten either raw or cooked – they’re even perfect in juices, smoothies, and other drinks! As these delicate fruits tend to disintegrate quickly during shipping processes, it’s wise to add them carefully in baskets that will travel over long distances.

Plantains, kiwis, and coconuts are great ways to add an exotic flair to a fruit basket. You’ll often find these exotic delights at specialty stores or farmers’ markets, and they add an unforgettable flavor and texture combination to meals. Plus, they work great alongside more conventional fruits for an exciting contrast in flavors and textures!

Tropical Fruit

Feel the tropical vibe in your own home with this specially selected box of seasonal tropical fruits from Leeward on Kahumana Farm Hub. Items may differ depending on what is available each week and will rely on which small- and backyard growers supply them with fruit – think banana clusters, coconuts, mangos, Asian pears, papayas, guavas, cherimoyas passion fruit, and maybe even seasonal citrus (except Arizona Florida Georgia Louisiana Texas Hawaii where citrus cannot be shipped)!

*All items may be subject to substitution depending on availability and freshness; for MED size (approx. 12-14lbs), substitution may occur.

Gift Towers

Are you searching for an unforgettable way to show friends and family just how much you care? Consider gifting one of Broadway Basketeers’ unique tower of treats as the perfect token. With an assortment of deluxe gift towers designed for office environments or special celebrations, as well as snacking towers featuring gourmet nuts and chocolates – no matter your budget, there is sure to be something suitable.

Food towers make the ideal treat for any special event – birthdays or otherwise! Send someone sweet or savory snacks from your tower across town so they can indulge in tasty bites during their busy day or celebrate an accomplishment! They’re also great ways to cheer someone up who may be feeling under the weather or celebrate any milestone achievements.

Gourmet foods make an elegant gift, especially during the holiday season. Shop Hickory Farms for towers filled with delicious meat and cheese products for holiday gift-giving or seasonal varieties that add a festive flare to their snack table.

Gift towers containing baked goods, chocolates, and coffee make great presents for anyone on your list and are guaranteed to bring smiles at any special event or celebration. One such tower is the Pittman & Davis Holiday Tower, which gift experts carefully curated as an extra-delectable treat that is sure to show appreciation to coworkers or loved ones who deserve extra special consideration – the Pittman & Davis Holiday Tower offers delicious delights from around the globe to provide maximum pleasure to recipients!